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Why should you go beyond consulting with Software Mind

What does it mean to go Beyond Consulting?

A typical consultant comes and goes. They complete their tasks, provide a piece of advice or two and next thing you know… they’re gone.

They attempt to solve long-term problems with their words and actions, but they aren’t there to see if their approach is successful.

At the end of the day, your company’s success is barely their responsibility.

What is beyond consulting? You may call it managed services, IT consulting, or IT service management...

…when it really refers to the fact that as flesh and bones developers, we are the ones who do the major pushing in the project. We feel it. We are affected by it. Thus, beyond consulting means we actually care about choosing the best path to achieve the project’s goals because  eventually it will also be our work.


How we can work beyond?

We carry out tasks assigned to us, which usually means implementing a solution according to the documentation. That’s pretty much what most outsourcing vendors try to do. This is a good starting point but it’s not yet beyond.
We take responsibility for the software development process of one of your products/projects. After some time putting in real work, we can take initiative by suggesting improvements to an existing process, perfecting deployments, introducing automation and more. Here is where beyond starts.
We take full responsibility for all processes assigned to us (despite technically being external contractors) by improving the organization’s overall software development capacity and leaving lasting impact on the organization. This often includes a complete revamp of the software development life cycle.

Why should you go Beyond Consulting with Software Mind?

Why wouldn’t you? After all, each organization wants to:
improve its efficiency in the long-term
lower costs of maintenance
grow its knowledge and expertise
speed up time to market
better align IT & Business

And what motivates us to go Beyond?

It’s just because we strongly and genuinely dislike blindly and silently following orders. Software development is more than a job for us. We want to:

  • make a difference - being proactive is in our DNA
  • truly feel like a part of your team - Agile is what we are
  • add value to your company - as we have for hundreds of our clients
  • establish a long-term partnership with you - for we know it’s best for both parties
  • and change the world of IT for the better - by improving your processes and entire organization

We may already be just one Email away from working together!

Tomasz Misiak
General Manager
Considering a big digital transformation? Establishing a shared services center? Shoot me an email.
Tomasz Gunia
Business Development Manager
Is IT outsourcing on the horizon for you? If so, let's discuss your needs.
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