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2022 in Review: 12 Must-Read Blogs from Software Mind Experts







2022 in Review: 12 Must-Read Blogs from Software Mind Experts

Published: 2022/12/29

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Every week Software Mind publishes an in-depth article written by top-tier specialists that covers a wide range of topics. 2022 has been a pivotal year for our company and the world of software development – and our articles published throughout the year demonstrate this perfectly. As the year ends, we decided to choose the 12 most relevant pieces based on their popularity, industry trends, or the importance of the delivered insights.

Delivering peace of mind in difficult times  

Despite the financial slowdown, IT budgets are expected to grow on average by 21% in 2023. In light of cutbacks, layoffs, and project delays, why is this happening? Why Companies are Increasing IT Spending During an Economic Downturn answers these questions and explains how companies can maximize their investments.

Development project problems and how to avoid them

Every month a vast number of software development projects go over budget or get canceled before completion. Such a scenario is easily avoidable, as proved by our How to Avoid 6 Software Development Problems that Can Doom your Project publication. Reading this particular piece will help prevent issues from slowly dragging your endeavors down, saving you time, money, and effort. 

Discovery and Empathy Workshops will accelerate the growth of products

To design a successful product, you must account for user needs and market demands to make a real impact. As stated in Discovery and Empathy Workshops are Key to Developing User-centric Solutions One, a tried and tested way to do that is to incorporate bespoke workshops into your product design process. What makes them so effective, and how should they be conducted?

Cybersecurity needs to play a significant part in every company

Cyber threats are on the rise, from ransomware attacks and data breaches to malware and hacking, organizations are increasing security budgets. Which Cyber Security Strategies Does your Company Need in 2022 and Beyond? will guide you through the strategies security officers can take to safeguard their operations without creating data silos and roadblocks.  

How to achieve software outsourcing stability

Finding the right partner is the key to achieving effective, stable cooperation with a software provider. The A stable partnership is essential to software outsourcing blog article explores the merits of achieving vendor-client stability, and explains why it plays such a crucial part in effective software development outsourcing. 

Low-Code and No-Code augmenting the software development

Software development is constantly evolving, as developers try to adapt to business needs, and conceive a faster and more cost-effective way of coding than the traditional way. Low-Code/No-Code (LCNC) – Is it the New Frontier of App Development? clarifies how such a digital evolution led to the birth of Low-Code and No-Code solutions, along with the rise of so-called Citizen Developers. 

Matching the tech stack with your project

Technology stacks are becoming increasingly complex due to an ever-expanding number of tools and technologies, along with constant changes to existing ones. Choosing the Right Tech Stack for Your Project might help you match technologies with your needs and possibilities. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution, but the ramifications of choosing the wrong tech stack can be lamentable.

What are the Fundamentals of Software Outsourcing? 

Moving between React and React Native frameworks

What’s the difference between React and React Native? It’s best to get an in-depth answer from an experienced software engineer and front-end developer How is React Native Different from React?. Learn how to move between one framework and the other by breaking down their core concepts.  

Nordic companies value working with Polish software houses

Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland actively engage software development outsourcing services. Nordic companies and Polish software houses work closely to deliver the best solutions and ensure business growth. Why are Nordic companies Outsourcing Software Development to Poland? explores the keys to working with Nordic partners and reveals why Scandinavians like working with Poles. 

Outsourcing software development to control your costs

As markets are still flashing red and fears of a recession are looming, maximizing the value of your services and controlling costs while still getting high-quality software remains more crucial than ever before. Does Outsourcing Software Development Really Pay Off? takes a deep look into why choosing the right software partner instead of betting on an in-house development team is the smartest choice.   

Reinvigorating network solutions to support 5G

Maximizing the value of every modern telecommunication platform is only possible by automating network lifecycle management. Enabling improved scalability and better performance in every physical network element is something Why Automating Legacy Telecom Platforms is so Important focuses on. Read on to learn why you need to automate to innovate.

The importance of applying a DevOps approach in every digital company

DevOps practices have become a part of every modern and agile software development workflow. Despite this, many companies misjudge the complexity of implementing such methods. DevOps Outsourcing – the Easiest Way to Start Doing Things Right gives a first-hand description of what you need to establish a DevOps-like mindset and how it affects your business.

Ebook "How to Reduce Software Development Costs During an Economic Downturn"

More insights are coming in 2023 

The tech sector and software development services are gearing up for a very eventful 2023. The Software Mind blog will bring you even more crucial insights from the software industry’s top experts, covering key trends, new developments and emerging technologies. 

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