Amplitiv’s Self-care Portal – Unlock the Potential of Business Communications







Amplitiv’s Self-care Portal – Unlock the Potential of Business Communications

Published: 2024/04/03

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The global cloud-based contact center market is projected to reach USD 82.43 billion by 2030 at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 21.3% from 2022 to 2030 – as reported by Straits Research. With an ever-growing need for business communications solutions, especially in such a transformational time, platforms like Cisco BroadWorks remain one of the key players in the Unified Communication platforms market. The telecom giant’s platform supports over 26 million users, from micro-enterprises to multinational corporations, in over 80 countries, according to data provided by Cisco.

Regardless of its popularity, many customers of the Cisco BroadWorks platform complain about the outdated user and administration portals, limited flexibility and delayed response time. Top companies use BroadWorks Call Manager, CommPilot and Broadsoft Classic Portal (also known as Loki Portal or Enterprise Portal), but since these solutions are nearing the end of their product life cycles, they have limited ability to enhance features and add new components.

This doesn’t mean such solutions are obsolete, as they can prove more helpful after implementing the right software platform upgrade. Service providers, IT administrators, resalers and end-users need a solution for managing existing and new Broadsoft UCaaS platforms. That’s the reason why operators delivering SIP trunking, hosted PBX and UCaaS platforms are searching for solutions to augment or replace their CommPilot deployments and elevate the BroadWorks platform they’ve been using.

Improved customer experience

Amplitiv’s self-care portal delivers the value service providers seek, as proven by successful implementation by three major operators and 600,000 active users, acting as a unified platform for telco operators and end customers. Its users can manage and take advantage of BroadWorks services and enhance operational efficiency with features like speed dial numbers, call forwarding, group services and call settings.

According to Eric Maintenay, CTIO at Orange Slovenska “Orange Slovensko self-care portal, developed in close collaboration with BroadWorks and the Amplitiv team, offers a wide range of business benefits. Using this modern innovation, Orange Slovensko provides his customers with an improved experience, decreases Help Desk workflows and improves cost-efficiency”. What exactly makes Amplitiv’s platform so unique?

Cutting-edge advantages of a modern platform

Providing a rewarding experience for operators and customers was the main aim of the platform’s developers and designers, who focused on making the tool as intuitive as possible. Call center management can sometimes be too complex, but the portal makes the whole process far more painless by, for example, grouping standard settings and providing one-stop access to all agent queue statistics. Furthermore, with a straightforward interface to navigate, end-users get to their desired functionalities faster.

Amplitiv’s self-care portal is cloud native and built on the Kubernetes platform. Furthermore, the solution fully integrates with Cisco Broadworks – maximizing its use of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Developing this application with modern frameworks means that only the required data is fetched during navigation, resulting in an average loading page time of around 200 milliseconds. Designed in Java and Angular technologies, Amplitiv’s self-care portal is both evolutive and flexible, so it adapts to your business needs and integrates with other tools.

Watch the video highlighting Amplitiv’s self-care portal features and learn how to leverage them:

Amplitiv’s self care portal

For end users on the move

Amplitiv’s self-care web portal was developed as a mobile and web solution for managers and end users on the move, thanks to its clever design and smart integration of functions. The platform augments CommPilot capabilities by leveraging end customers’ features, including the Call Manager application, in a user-friendly way. Amplitiv’s portal expands CommPilot with added value features that enable:

• Two-factor authentication
• Batch operations
• Role management
• Flexible announcement management
• Graphical provisioning of services for group administrators
• Generating announcements with text-to-speech call center analytics
• 100% BroadWorks parity
• Addressing all functionalities in your BroadWorks platform – covering the entire scope of operations

Enhancements to the Cisco BroadWorks platform, designed by Amplitive’s engineers, improve service quality and efficiency without compromising daily operations. New features can be integrated and deployed seamlessly, so you can instantly enrich business communications management in your organization.

A proactive customer approach requires the right solution

With global cloud-based contact centers remaining a vital part of the B2B market, customers of telecommunication service providers know that virtual private branch exchange (PBX) type services are essential. The critical element of differentiating yourself from the competition is to build customers’ confidence in your company’s ability to serve them effectively. According to a survey conducted by Gartner, proactive service creates a better customer experience for B2B and B2C customers. Respondents who received proactive service reported better customer effort scores than those who did not. The right communication platform is the key to delivering such an experience.

Contact us to learn more about Amplitiv’s self-care portal and enable your customers to unlock the potential of your business communications by using a unified telecommunications platform.

About the authorJorge Espinosa

System Engineer

A systems engineer passionate not only about the technical aspects of the telco industry, but also topics related to the telco business as a whole. He has vast experience with 3GPP and GSMA standards, such as the latest generation packet core (5G, LTE), voice platforms (IMS, VAS) and business applications (BSS). Jorge works with a great and knowledgeable team focused on delivering modern and highly customized solutions and support to partners and clients.

About the authorPrzemysław Jarecki

Sales Director

A keen believer in responsible, forward-thinking digital transformations, Przemysław has over 20 years’ experience in telecommunications. Passionate about delivering tailor-made strategies that align business goals with IT ambitions, Przemysław helps leading telco providers drive their growth through intuitive, evolutive software innovations that enhance operational efficiency, cut costs and improve customer satisfaction.

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