Elevating a FTTH Monitoring System Using Custom-Made Probes







Elevating a FTTH Monitoring System Using Custom-Made Probes

Published: 2023/02/23

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According to the Cisco Annual Internet Report, the number of devices connected to IP networks will be more than three times the global population by 2023. Cisco clearly states that adopting solutions like Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) by 2023 will lead to global fixed broadband speeds of around 110.4 Mbps. This is important, as Internet Service Provider (ISP) customers demand the best possible Internet connection with no bandwidth and streaming quality issues.

Exceeding customer expectations is crucial for ISPs, as working and learning from home, alongside soaring media consumption, in a post-COVID world means network usage is continuously rising. As network usage increases, so do the potential issues customers and network service providers may encounter. 

What are the major network stability issues ISPs face?

  • Bandwidth affecting the broadband download and upload speed  
  • Pervasive jitter 
  • Device-related problems 
  • Automated bots 
  • Difficulties in sending a technician to customers’ locations

These issues inevitably lead to customer complaints about the quality of video streams or transmission delays that interfere with gaming or video calls. Implementing a proper monitoring system is a preemptive and cost-effective way of avoiding or solving such problems. 

Standard methods of monitoring FTTH services

Problems raised by the end users are easier to verify and confirm after sending technical staff on-site. Unfortunately, such a solution is challenging for FTTH service providers due to the time and costs related to so-called truck rolls (sending adequately trained staff to a premise). Furthermore, with the right tools, service providers’ engineering teams can sometimes rely on non-standard methods and customers’ usually limited technical skills to verify the quality of a network, which does not ensure a correct benchmark result on which to base analysis. Detailed information about a network’s instabilities enables the precise identification of where a failure occurs, thus speeding up the maintenance process. 

Introducing an advanced FTTH monitoring system

One forward-thinking way to address potential broadband issues is a unique and flexible FTTH monitoring system, a customized tailor-made probe capable of running every crucial stability or performance test. Picture a small device assembled using custom-built hardware and software solutions to guarantee a network’s stability. An easily transportable probe minimizes the amount of time-consuming work by technical staff. It also facilitates future expansion, thus elevating Fiber-To-The-Home quality (FTTHQ) to new heights. 

What are the dedicated probe’s key functionalities and use cases?

  • Commissioning tests for telecommunications partners, 
  • Assuring quality tests of services provided to end customers, 
  • Monitoring key elements of an operator’s network 24/7, 
  • Gathering the correct data to resolve network stability issues.  

Probes to the rescue

Software Mind engineers developed a custom-made probes hardware concept and specification for Orange Poland. Close cooperation with the Internet Service Provider and an understating of its business needs resulted in a robust, reliable and secure embedded system. This FTTH Quality probe system consists of three types of devices, different in size and functionality, each based on a different solution: Rasberry Pi, Intel NUC and HP Microserver hardware. Additionally, a modern, cloud-native central monitoring platform core with custom dashboards and visualizations accompanies these solutions.

FTTH Quality probes

Three key technical takeaways of FTTH Quality probes worth remembering:

They act as a reliable and secure platform thanks to SSL VPN connectivity with TLS certificates, blacklisting of compromised probes, traffic encryption and SSO integration. 

They enable easier scaling by taking advantage of the Kubernetes approach, automatic provisioning and updating of probes.  

They apply solutions customized to your goals and your customers’ needs using dashboards and alerts, test templates and workflows.

Users demand the best possible Internet service

In Milliseconds Make Millions, Deloitte indicates that today’s users greatly prioritize networking services’ performance, speed, and reliability. Customers especially regard Fiber Optic Internet services as the highest standard solution since it is unanimously associated with the best bandwidth and streaming quality. Unique probes assembled with FTTH in mind can ensure that such a high standard is maintained. 

Internet service providers require an experienced and trusted partner who understands the technology and the needs of its users. If you want to provide a stable bandwidth and top streaming quality, fill out this contact form – our experts are ready to help you build tailor-made solutions and tools. 

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