Building a test automation platform for a multinational insurance company




Financial services


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About the project

The goal of this project was to prepare a test automation framework based on Selenium WebDriver using the PageObject model. Our team automated web and desktop applications using UTF Developer and created detailed reports from test kits made with the Allure Report library, while adjusting the test project to fill in results in Jira (TestFlo Automation).

Additionally, we installed and configured the test suite launching platform from Jenkins/Jira, configured the commissioning station and probes for test processing and integrated with existing CI/CD processes to verify the stability of the built code by running a set of automated tests.

In order to ensure that tests were fed with data, we built a test data monitoring module with the use of a PostgreSQL database. Work also involved designing a module that verifies the availability of individual applications/services (ServiceCheck), along with creating robots that automate labor-intensive and repetitive work normally done by accountants and service desk employees.

Beyond supporting the client’s team in the maintenance and development of the constructed solution, Software Mind trained teams in the latest test automation technology and tools and helped the client’s team transition to Agile methods of test process management.

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