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Building and developing a test automation platform for an international mobile telecommunications company






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Supporting our client involved enabling the implementation and execution of tests on physical and virtual machines, monitoring test implementation for workstations, virtual machines (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) and mobile devices (phones, tablets, etc.) used to carry out tests on the implemented platform and facilitating the reporting of test results (result, logs, etc.) on various platforms and tools (e.g., via email, Jira, Confluence) depending on the configuration.

The Software Mind team implemented a graphical user interface (GUI) for accessing test data and developed a functionality to run tests in various versions on different environments (including development, system integration testing, pre-production and production), whether running tests according to an established schedule, cyclically, in parallel or in series. Work also included a queue feature to process and run test jobs according to configurations.

Beyond testing web, desktop and mobile applications on Windows, iOS, Android systems and various types of web APIs, our team supported the client by providing a test script repository via a Git-based control tool, adding the ability to integrate with tools like Jira, Confluence and HP ALM, producing test scripts in accordance with behavior-driven development (BDD) methodology, developing a tool for managing users and their permissions, along with migrating, reconstructing and rebuilding existing automated scripts in HP ALM on a new platform. Software Mind experts also planned and conducted workshops on the preparation of scripts in the BDD methodology.

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