Creating a data analytics and service ecosystem for better smart mobility




Smart city

Italy, Netherlands, Spain, UK

Technology Used

Apache Spark




Jupyter Notebook




Private cloud

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About the project

Creating a data analytics and service ecosystem for large-scale pervasive smart mobility based on vast, complex dynamic information from millions of citizens and thousands of IoT elements such as connected cars, city sensors and hundreds of distributed databases, that would provide unique insights based on behavior detection.   

The Software Mind team was responsible for a cloud-based management system of mobility data, spatial-temporal data support and the development of scalable solutions integrating high dimensional predictive models. Extracting traffic metrics from processing mobility data (connected cars, mobile apps, GPS, sensors) for data-driven decisions provided the project owner with real-time traffic measurement based on live data streams, traffic prediction (routing, logistics, cost reduction), traffic models and pattern recognition based on historical data (Origin-Destination Matrix, anomaly detection). The project took advantage of a high-performance geo-located event processing engine, GPU-based acceleration of geospatial indexes and scalable backend for mobile applications.  

As a result of the cooperation, the Software Mind team delivered new features and products associated with data-driven innovations to change how mobility is organized, monitored and planned in large metropolitan areas. 

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