Designing a tailor-made embedded monitoring system that safeguards network stability






Technology Used


Ansible Tower



Intel NUC for industrial applications

JavaGrafana Loki




Prometheus & Alert Manager


Raspberry Pi

SSO OAuth 2.0

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About the project

Our client is a Polish subsidiary of one of the world’s largest telecommunications corporations. As a significant FTTH Internet Service Provider, our client was dealing with end customers’ complaints about bandwidth and streaming quality and needed to gather the correct data to resolve network stability issues.

The Software Mind team designed and developed a unique and flexible FTTH monitoring system – three customized probes capable of running crucial performance, stability and diagnostics tests. One of the three probes was a reliable and secure Raspberry Pi-based embedded system – tailor-made hardware assembled by our team.

The designed probes’ key functionalities and use cases are: commissioning tests for telecommunications partners, assuring quality tests of services provided to end customers, monitoring key elements of the operator’s network continuously and gathering the correct data to resolve network stability issues. Probes are a crucial element of a rBSA (revers-Bitstream Access) model, where a carrier uses a third-party operator FTTH access network.

As a result, the probes safeguard bandwidth quality and help to achieve an upgraded FTTH network stability, better bandwidth and upgraded streaming quality enabled by gathering the necessary data during testing. With an improved capacity to test network stability in users’ households, Internet Service Providers can increase clients’ satisfaction.

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