Developing an AI-backed monitoring solution for mining support






Technology Used

Apache Spark

Azure Data Lakehouse

Azure ML

Azure Synapse Analytics

Power BI

Client background

Our client is one of the largest Polish companies operating in the coal mining industry.

Project overview

Our client was experiencing difficulties in monitoring mining support. The company’s existing solution could not promptly predict significant failures, such as a potential collapse of a mine shaft, which posed a severe risk to miners. These failures often resulted in mining shearers ceasing to function. The Software Mind team developed a real-time monitoring system for mining support to enhance miner safety and prevent major failures and interruptions in coal extraction.


Significant reduction in mine shaft collapses

Reducing the frequency of mine shaft collapses from 1-2 per month to 1-2 per year

Mining shearers' uninterrupted work

Saving around 5 million USD yearly by ensuring uninterrupted operation

Decrease in the number of injuries

Lowering the number of injuries resulting from collapsing mine shafts to zero

Reducing maintenance costs

Decreasing the maintenance costs of mining supports

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