Developing an AI tool that generates top-selling graphics




Art and Digital Design


Technology Used

Azure Machine Learning

Azure Storage


Jupyter Notebook

Stable Diffusion XL

About the project

Our client is a digital design graphics company founded in Poland in 2004, with a presence in 17 countries through their online stores. The Software Mind team was tasked with developing a tool to analyze sales data and predict print and graphics market trends so our client can better understand consumer behavior and preferences, market trends and its competition. Based on the obtained information, the project enabled the generation of relevant graphics to meet ever-evolving market expectations​.

Our work involved developing an application that uses the most advanced AI technologies to create images based on the Stable Diffusion XL model. Images generated by the AI model were created from finely tuned prompts. The ​Software Mind team refined the AI model during the cooperation process by incorporating a database of hundreds of popular images from recent years.​ We also collaborated with the client’s graphic designers to apply the RLHF (reinforcement learning from human feedback) method.

As a result of our cooperation, our team built an effective AI model capable of generating images from various categories, delivered an AI generation tool with the potential of improving on its own ​and developed an AI platform for analyzing sales dynamics to achieve optimal results when generating digital assets. Equipped with such AI technology, the client could start generating content with the potential of becoming best-selling digital artworks.

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