Replacing a legacy convergent Nokia IN platform with a new, custom-developed solution






Technology Used





MySQL Cluster


Telestax JSLEE


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About the project

Our client, one the biggest Polish telecommunication operators, provides services for business and individual consumers. The goal of the project was to migrate service logic and users from a legacy SS7 IN based platform to a custom network function, built on an open platform based on the Telestax Java SLEE framework.

Software Mind was responsible for the automated deployment of the platform, developing JSLEE services and automating the migration of service and user data. We ran technical workshops to obtain a complete understanding of the service logic and the user and service data model of the legacy platform to design new data models and migration tools. Later we designed, drafted and implemented Chef cookbooks for all the new components, which enabled them to be deployed fully automatically, reducing the time necessary for additional pre-production instances.

Given the complex and distributed service data model in the legacy platform, our team had to write a large amount of code to develop the migration tools needed for automating the migration process. Since the old platform was End of Support, the team was sitting on a “time bomb” – but we managed to hand over on-time.

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