Replacing a voicemail system and enhancing platform efficiency for Sunrise







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Project overview

Software Mind was tasked with replacing an existing voicemail system, which was experiencing some issues and didn’t address various call scenarios. We implemented the Amplitiv Voicemail platform within five months, as requested by the client, and designed it to support four different languages. Our team also enhanced FAX detection, which at the time was processed via two protocols: T38 and an older T30, which utilized a sequence of sound beeps. We developed an algorithm that checked for different tones, amplitudes, and frequencies to detect FAX messages and exclude potential human-made sounds produced by accident or distorted due to environmental conditions. A seamless migration of configuration parameters, content, and recordings was applied to reduce downtime.

Due to the client’s merger with another organization, we were asked to assist with migrating customers to the new platform. Our collaboration was met with positive feedback, as a Senior Engineer with over 20 years of experience remarked that their team had never been a part of such a smooth migration process.

Client background 

Sunrise is the largest private telecommunications company in Switzerland and offers leading mobile, Internet, TV and fixed network services for private and business customers.

eplacing a voicemail system and enhancing platform efficiency for a telco operator

Main challenges

Services in Switzerland require support for multiple languages, so our team had to design a solution that worked with four languages (English, German, Italian and French). Additionally, we were provided with voice prompts that needed to be put together first before they could be played out to the end customer. That approach granted more flexibility when using the prompts, but it also posed a challenge in organizing them in various languages. Our team proposed a separate logic for each supported language, which ensured that sentences were grammatically and syntactically correct across the platform.

Implementation phases

Phase 1 consisted of a standard deployment of the voicemail platform and customer migration. This stage also included implementing native mobile applications for iPhones. Phase 2 involved implementing a native mobile app and a dedicated visual voicemail solution for Android. The latter application was adjusted and tailored to match the client’s branding. The Software Mind team also implemented functionalities like MMS support, a Message Waiting Indicator (MWI) and bulletin that served as a marketing tool.


A tailored platform

Building a solution that meets all requirements of the client being custom-made for their needs

Comprehensive support

Addressing more detailed, specific call scenarios in the maintenance phase

Customer migration

Migrating customers and optimizing resources after the client’s merger with another entity

Close cooperation

Effectively collaborating with the client’s team to introduce additional change requests

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