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Case Studies

Innovating to create new stream of revenue

Software Mind SA has developed and delivered an innovative system for selling mobile phone top-ups and payment of bills for GTECH - Enterprise Series Commercial Platform. The platform was launched as part of the lottery terminal network in Colombia.

GTECH (currently known as the International Game Technology) is a leading gaming technology and gaming services company as well as a major integrated lottery operator. As an innovative technology solutions provider, it combines technology with creative content, and superior service on a global scale. Lottomatica S.p.A., acquired by GTECH in 2006, was one of the world's leading providers of slot machines and other gaming technology products. As a leader of the Italian gaming industry, it was present on the ...

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Development of core business systems for Mach

The project involving the development of several mutually cooperating subsystems to support the operations of roaming management for individual carriers that are customers of MACH.

Project overview

Software Mind SA has developed a system for handling roaming management operations: Roaming Management System (RMS), which has been implemented at Mach company. International roaming services are very important to operators of mobile telephony and require a great deal of effort - starting from partnership agreement to carrying out and monitoring connection testing processes. In most cases, departments responsible for handling roaming in operators’ networks (responsible for the bulk billing for calls to GSM networks) must have very high organisational skills to ensure problem-free operation of roaming services with multiple operators around the world ...

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Semantic Web Innovation for Garlik

This project is a response to the need arising from the development of web technologies and thereby aimed at protecting personal data and the identity of the Internet users. Electronic Identity Protection Platform is used in the following operations:

  •  electronic payment instruments,

  •  personal data protection services,

  •  bank customer service,

  •  Insurance companies,

  •  Internet providers.

Software Mind was the primary technology supplier for Garlik. Identity theft (the unlawful impersonation of someone else's personal details) is the fastest growing type of crime in countries such as Great Britain or the USA. In response to this threat, Garlik introduced new Data Patrol Advanced service. It involves searching millions of web pages to find user sensitive personal data (i.e. credit card numbers, social ...

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IT Team relocation project for US customer

Project overview

In mid-2014 unrest on Russian/Ukraine border increased significantly. In response, consultancy companies issued warnings on the primary risks facing companies which outsourced IT to the endangered region. Software Mind was contacted by US company which decided to validate contingency plan. The plan assumed step-by-step transition of IT development projects managed by its partner in the endangered region to a new partner operating in a safe location:

  1. introduce a new partner to create real, safe alternative at comparable cost;

  2. transfer knowledge and capacity to a new partner;

  3. split responsibilities and communication channels and make them work.

The target system was a platform supporting business processes, consisting of several applications maintained by over fifty people working in development centers ...

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Making use of collective knowledge

Software Mind SA was a technological leader in the European project WeKnowIt

Internet is a medium of immediate information exchange. Every day, it features hundreds of news reports about tragedies, calls for help and announcements about missing people. This information, although up-to-date, is often incomplete, unverified and sometimes even untrue, and therefore cannot be used by specialised emergency services.

The WeKnowIt project is about making use of collective knowledge. Collective Intelligence is conceived in the process of cooperation between many groups or individuals. For that purpose, innovative technologies will be developed to make it possible to analyse data from different sources (phone, voice, video, text). Their combination will make it possible to develop new information management services and extract information ...

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