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Case Study

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Development of core business systems for Mach

The project involving the development of several mutually cooperating subsystems to support the operations of roaming management for individual carriers that are customers of MACH.

Project overview

Software Mind SA has developed a system for handling roaming management operations: Roaming Management System (RMS), which has been implemented at Mach company. International roaming services are very important to operators of mobile telephony and require a great deal of effort - starting from partnership agreement to carrying out and monitoring connection testing processes. In most cases, departments responsible for handling roaming in operators’ networks (responsible for the bulk billing for calls to GSM networks) must have very high organisational skills to ensure problem-free operation of roaming services with multiple operators around the world.

MACH has entered into cooperation with Software Mind, a company active on global markets, paying special attention to the vast experience of Software Mind’s team in building advanced, innovative solutions designed to manage business processes of enterprises. The choice of a company experienced in handling mass transactions and able to guarantee high quality and timely performance was especially important for the development of this innovative solution. One expected to build real competitive advantage over other companies active in the business of operator interconnection solutions.

Benefits from implementation of the solution

The power of RMS lies in its close integration with the office environment and remote access to data through web interface in a 24/7 mode. High availability and reliability requirements have been met thanks to the application of a multi-layer solution operating in the cluster model. Quality and security of data are essential to MACH and the RMS system and so strict standards and procedures ensuring high security level were adhered to in the course of system production and implementation. The RMS system is a fast, flexible and economic solution for planning, communication and monitoring of existing and new interconnection roaming interfaces allowing the user to control the growth of revenues. By using RMS, MACH is able to manage practically all aspects of handling roaming agreements and relieve its clients of the need to perform tiresome standard procedures, thus enabling them to focus their potential on strategic activity. Successful marketing of the RMS solution has given MACH lasting competitive advantage and reinforced the company as a leader on the market of roaming services.

RMS is an innovative, unique and pioneering system, the first solution of this kind in Europe. The delivery of an integrated solution has been appreciated and acknowledged as an important achievement in the domain of roaming management solutions and it is currently regarded as a reference project on a global scale.

Project summary

A joint group made up of MACH and Software Mind specialists took a few stages to build a solution – the Roaming Management System – consisting of a few cooperating subsystems responsible, among other things, for document flow management, partner communication and launching trial roaming installations. All that, combined into an effective process, significantly streamlined handling of roaming management operations for individual operators, clients of MACH, at the same time providing them with a tool which is a central, virtual workplace supporting the complete roaming workflow.

Functionality of the project

  • Complete B2B portal

  • All functionalities are available at portlets

  • Business logics of handling the initiation of agreement between two operators

  • Handling of document management workflow

  • Automation of arrangement of interconnection agreements

  • Creation and handling of the meta-data layer

  • Rights and data access management depending on the role of users

Used Technologies

  • Oracle WebLogic Server

  • Oracle Portal

  • Web-based architecture

  • J2SE/J2EE

Customer Voice

Charles Damen, VP Business Development, Mach:

"Mach has had the pleasure of working closely with Software Mind on a large IT project […]. We have cooperated in years 2004-2010, during that time Software Mind has provided MACH with excellent support in implementation of our mission critical applications. Their work has been a major factor in our overall business success. I can confidently recommend Software Mind as a solid and reliable supplier of state-of-the-art IT solutions.”

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