Finance & Technology

Learn more about why Finance and Technology need a proper Software Mind

The right kind of past… and future


More than 80 percent of our clients are from the financial sector


We have developed over 200 projects all over the world for the finance industry...


...including the very first one we ever delivered as Software Mind

We are experienced in dealing with regulations and requirements of the financial sector

Finance – we get it

You don’t need to tell us that financial projects are unique and sensitive. We understand it instinctively. And we are prepared.


Enhanced Security

Security officer, information security policy, secured workplace


External audits

Subject to examination based on ISO27001, SOC and custom audits of our clients.


Stable Environment

As a part of the European Union, we are in compliance with all EU regulations including GDPR


Financial Security

Part of Ailleron group, listed on Warsaw stock exchange (WSE: ALL)


Employee Vetting

Criminal and financial background checking for employer and third parties


Intellectual Property (IPR)

Every line of code is your property, it’s obvious for us

Thanks to combining an agile approach with quality and security built into the process you get
FinTech dynamics done in a safe way.

So, joining finance & technology together is our bread and butter. Still not convinced?
Check our clients story:

We may already be just one Email away from working together!

Tomasz Misiak
General Manager
Considering a big digital transformation? Establishing a shared services center? Shoot me an email.
Tomasz Gunia
Business Development Manager
Is IT outsourcing on the horizon for you? If so, let's discuss your needs.
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