First step into software development outsourcing?

Some companies are convinced that software development outsourcing is the way to go. Other businesses think on that decision for a long time.

It’s not a bad thing to be wary

While outsourcing has many potential benefits, there are also dangers that need to be addressed and taken into consideration before you make the first step.


Risks of software development outsourcing:

  • No transparency and lack of control
  • Cultural mismatch
  • Knowledge and staff retention
  • Quality and performance problems
  • Communication problems
  • Management overhead
  • Uncertainty among your employers
  • Lack of ownership and true understanding of your business

Sounds familiar?

If so, no worries: dozens of our clients had similar concerns and there is a way to avoid them.
Bad news: there is no silver bullet solution.
Good news: it’s not that scary if you follow some golden rules and have an experienced guide to lead you through the process.

First step into outsourcing: the curious case of one company

A complex, monolithic system. No documentation. Rapid business growth. No experience with remote teams. Read how we tackled these challenges.

We of course have many more stories to share with you.

Not yet convinced about starting a collaboration with us?

Let us share some of our useful tips with you anyway:

Always go for teams, not individuals.

Leasing individuals may sometimes be a good way to start, but in the long run it leads to problems with lack of responsibility, sense of belonging and high attrition rate.

Take care of proper paperwork.

If you need some help with paperwork, feel free to use our own templates – you will find them here.
You can also modify them to your liking.

Be wary when they promise you to bring ANY number of great specialists ANY time you want. It sounds fishy.

Great talents do not sit on the bench waiting for work to come their way, they like to be on the field.

Take into account your employees buy-in.

Introduce outsourcing properly to them and address their fears and doubts. Ultimately success depends on good cooperation between the employees of both parties.

Project knowledge transfer is very important, but it’s not everything

Be sure that outsourced team members truly understand your business by introducing them to your organization the same way you would introduce your own new employees (you can even reuse some starter training packages). Onsite workshops are also very helpful.

Outsourcing can provide you more than additional resources.

It can be a breath of fresh air for your company, with benefits ranging from small technical improvements or new development tools to major improvements / re-engineering of software development life cycle.

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