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Accelerate Your IT

Constant problems and frustration with existing software?

Business is not happy with IT speed and agility?

Frustrated that even simple things take ages to get done?

What You Get

Shift towards Agile
SDLC management

Teach your business partners to participate in the agile process. Learn how to control budget and schedule without losing the benefits of the agile process. Go for short iterations to have release-ready code delivered every 2 week sprint, enabling rapid business validation and correction of course when facing volatile business requirements.

Continuous integration and delivery practices

Quality is built into our development process. Replace the majority of QA with an automated unit, regression and integration testing. Focus on automating deployments. This significantly reduces the amount of knowledge needed to participate in that process, shortens lead time and is less human error-prone.

Modular, loose coupling architecture

Go for distributed, modern architecture with per-component automated acceptance tests. Apply self-healing capabilities into its components. Examples include automatic retries of failed processes, bulkheads separating solution components from failing external dependencies, robust telemetry and operational monitoring built into each component.

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