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Expand Your teams

Want to grow but lack IT resources or skills?

Are the resources on the local market far too expensive?

Confused about how to cooperate with an outsourcing company?

What You Get

cooperation model

We can provide you with our best practices, answering most of questions worried customers have about IT outsourcing. How to welcome a new partner on-board? How to organize your IT for cooperation with an external partner? How to define borders between you and us? How to get past cultural differences?

Agile Outsourcing Toolbox for your projects

Our whole Toolbox is built on the agile approach to product development. It addresses typical issues that come with software development outsourcing such as: communication and knowledge, problem sharing, adjusting to your formal processes and procedures, reporting and progress tracking.

Seamless integration with your work environment

By adhering to your processes and structures, we aim to make you feel that our teams are part of your own company, even if they work remotely. By understanding how your company works and then hand picking and adjusting tools from our toolbox, we are able to make our development practices fit well with your processes.

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