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Grow Your Startup

Need a quick, low-cost check to see if particular business concept might work?

Want to experiment and innovate to find the best support for your business idea?

Are frequent interactions with investors a must?

What You Get

Agile Toolbox for software development

Agile analysis makes the first stage of the project very quick, test automation ensures that the quality is great and there is no lengthy software stabilization phase, short production cycles allow us to quickly assert if we’re going in the right direction, high coding standards guard against cost increases in later stages of the project.

Build a minimum viable product in weeks

As a start-up you need to experiment with the product and get the fastest possible customer feedback. This often requires the release of a working product with core functionalities within 1-2 months. The combination of tools from our toolset will allow our teams to achieve that goal.

Our teams become a part of your company

Ramp-up an effective, agile development team in just a few weeks. By adhering to your unique business culture, we’d like to make you feel like our teams are part of your own company. Our practices address typical outsourcing issues: communication, knowledge sharing, progress and budget tracking.

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