29 Mar 2018

Why choose Poland for IT Outsourcing in 2018? TOP 20 factors

Just 20 years ago Poland was virtually unknown for its technological achievements. Today, it is one of the top software development outsourcing destinations in the world, ranking consistently at or near the top of various rankings. Every day, countless foreign companies rely on Polish developers to deliver software essential to their bottom line. In case you haven’t discovered the strengths and charms of Poland yet, we prepared a handy and ever-expanding list of reasons for why Poland proves so successful in the world of new technologies.

The world of software development outsourcing changes rapidly and so do factors that prove critical in competing for the best and most challenging projects. This is why we have decided to gradually expand and modify our list of factors that make Poland a great outsourcing destination. The 2018 edition includes 20 factors. Have fun learning about our country!

1. Stable and healthy economy

Back in the 2012 edition of Ernst & Young, Poland ranked 7h in the world in terms investment attractiveness. Between the years 1990 and 2015, Poland experienced the biggest GDP growth per capita among European and OECD countries – it increased over 7 times[1].

2. Highly-skilled workforce

Polish software developers are among the world’s best. According to HackerRank, they rank 3rd in terms of success at popular programming contests[2]. Most recently, the Polish Need For C team won the first edition of the international Hello World Open tournament in Helsinki, Finland

3. Dynamically growing IT market

Polish IT market grows at the stable rate of 5-10 percent a year. In the past few years, it has also been through some major changes with companies such as CD Projekt (the guys behind the Witcher series of video games) becoming the most important players.

4. US and EU standards in IP protection and data security

Poland has been serious about IT protection and data security for years. Today, being part of the European Union, it is about to introduce the General Data Protection Regulation.

5. Extensive pool of IT graduates

Every year, about 80 thousand Polish students major in IT and IT-related fields. Some of the most important academic centers include Krakow (AGH University of Science and Technology) or the capital city of Warsaw (Warsaw University of Technology).

6. Cultural and work ethics similarity

The way Polish people work and manage their organizations is very similar to what you can experience in countries that tend to outsource their software development abroad the most, such as the UK, the US, Germany or France. It’s one of the reasons why communication tends to be a breeze in projects outsourced to Poland.

7. Low labor costs (when compared to US and Western Europe)

Poland tends to have much lower labor costs in comparison to countries most interested in outsourcing software development, which is one of the preconditions for being able to save money through outsourcing. You can learn more about it in one of our previous articles.

8. Quality technology infrastructure

Poland is a highly advanced economy in terms of the quality of its technological infrastructure. Learn more about Polish High Performance Computing centers and other notable parts of the Polish e-infrastructure[3].

9. Attractive tax incentives (low inflation, low CIT, special economic zones)

A lot of Polish cities, including major ones such as Krakow or Katowice, are special economic zones, which grant income tax exemptions, technology incubation, land and more to companies interested in investing here. It is a market oriented at innovative technologies.

10. Proximity with major European financial centers

If the proximity of major European financial centers such as London, Paris or Frankfurt is important  for your business, Poland is arguably the best outsourcing destination in the world to stay close to all of them – both geographically and as a member of the European Union.

11. More-than-solid knowledge of English

Polish people in general, and Polish software developers in particular, speak English really well – a factor much appreciated by companies interested in outsourcing. Poland ranks 11th out of 80 countries in the English Proficiency Index, indicating high proficiency[4].

12. Popularity of Agile approach and methodologies

If you search for a team skilled in Agile methodologies, you will not be disappointed. Polish teams are well-versed in Agile and the country is also home to some of the most important Agile events such as the ACE! Conference[5].

13. Krakow!

Poland itself is a great choice for software development outsourcing. But the city of Krakow adds a lot of its own unique value and charm to the cause. Learn more about why Krakow is a really great software outsourcing destination in its own rights.

14. The best value for money in software development

Seasoned business people know that outsourcing isn’t about choosing the lowest priced alternative, but the one that provides the best value for money. This will be the one that will prove the most financially attractive in the long run. Is Poland the one? Find out here.

15. Relatively small time zone differences

Poland is located relatively close to many countries that tend to outsource a lot of their software development such as Germany (in particular), but also France, UK and even US – depending on a city, it may be just 6 hours of difference. You can compare various locations easily with this time converter.

16. Very experienced software developers

Polish developers tend to be among the most experienced in the world in terms of prior coding experience at the time they earn their first professional job[6]. It’s great news for companies that wish to outsource ambitious and challenging software projects to Poland.

17. Being part of the European Union

Being part of the EU itself makes for a very important factor in software development outsourcing. For example, for fintech companies, it may be important that Poland is part of the EU regulatory structure.

18. It’s a market full of potential on its own

With almost 40 million potential customers, relatively young and tech savvy, and its dynamic and vibrant economy, Poland makes for a viable target market for various companies. Outsourcing your development to Poland may be a great first step into learning more about its nature.

19. Polish people know how to kombinować

One of the reasons why Polish developers prove so skilled and inventive in their work is that Polish people have also been known for their ability to find unique solutions and crazy workarounds to solve just about any problem. Due to various political and economical hardships of the past, it has become something of a national specialty.

20. Software Mind!

While it is not necessarily too humble of us, we couldn’t help but add Software Mind, our very own software company, to this list. After all, located in Krakow, with dozens of successfully delivered projects and some of the most skilled Polish developers on board, we are in the very middle of what makes Poland such an attractive outsourcing destination!

Software Mind is a Polish software company known for delivering top-of-the-line software development outsourcing services. Our philosophy is simple – to combine the skills of top Polish software developers with the knowledge of delivering outsourced projects efficiently we have accumulated over the years.

You can learn more about our unique approach to outsourcing by getting familiar with our Outsourcing Toolbox. And if you already have a project in mind, just contact us and let us know. Perhaps, we are the ones that can help you turn it into a wonderful product?


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