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The perfect software development outsourcing partner

12.06.2017, Author: Software Mind, Categories: Business

What is a typical company interested in software development outsourcing looking for? Surely, they need quality developers. They also need people with great communication skills, which include experience in outsourcing projects and lack of language barriers. Last but not least, they are hoping to save up and find all of that at a possibly lowest cost. Is there a way to tell where in the world there are most software developers that fit the description?

Last year, the popular Q&A portal Stack Overflow released yet another of its yearly reports based on survey data they gathered from its users. More than fifty thousand developers participated in what may be called the largest developer survey of this kind. Its wealth of ...

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The power of distributed teams in software development

24.05.2017, Author: Software Mind, Categories: Agile Development

There is a reason why so many companies that use software development outsourcing end up working with and managing distributed teams. While some may consider it a necessary evil, more and more companies greatly appreciate the enormous benefits it gives. Of course, that is, as long as they are able to avoid all of the problems that come pre-packed with it. Find out why and when distributed teams are just what you need to develop great software.

Your shiny new software project has started this month. Everything is going very smoothly. Your team of developers consists of skilled and cost-efficient individuals, since you were able to expand your recruitment to pretty much the entire world. Some of them have rare ...

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What does it take to succeed with a big data project in 2017?

16.05.2017, Author: Software Mind, Categories: Business

Big data – long past are those days when some believed it to be just another buzzword. As more and more companies achieve tremendous financial successes with their big data ventures, having a genuine impact on the lives of ordinary people, its practical use becomes increasingly clear to everyone. At the same time, the bar for upcoming big data projects is being set higher and higher. How to be successful in this competitive field in 2017? What qualities should you be seeking in your software development outsourcing partner?

How would you like to contribute to the growth of the big data market? That’s easy. All you have to do is… drink some Coca-Cola. How come? The soda giant uses data ...

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