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10 software development technologies to learn in 2017

13.11.2017, Author: Software Mind, Categories: News

With each passing year, new exciting technologies are making impact in the software development industry. At the same time, well-established languages, frameworks and systems are all competing for our attention, defending their strong positions or gradually falling into oblivion. Our list of top 10 software development technologies to learn in 2017 includes both industry behemoths and newcomers. They all have one thing in common – they’re doing great in the year 2017.

Software development is an ever-changing field – there are few clichés as true as this one. Both budding developers and veterans of all specializations are constantly updating their technology stacks. Sometimes, it is curiosity that drives them to learn new technologies. At other times, the goal is to obtain ...

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10 reasons why you can’t afford to hire bad developers

27.10.2017, Author: Software Mind, Categories: Business

What comes to your mind when you’re thinking of the first criterion for hiring a new software outsourcing provider? An interesting portfolio of projects, industry-specific experience, similar corporate culture? Even if you are one of those decision makers who genuinely prioritize one of those, you may still end up having to pick the cheapest alternative.  This is not a problem. The problem is that the cheapest alternative is rarely what it claims it is. Learn from others’ mistakes rather than your own and find out why you simply can’t afford to hire bad software developers.

The notion that bad developers, outsourced or not, can cause more damage than benefit to any organization, is hardly a new one ...

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The best value for money in software development outsourcing

28.08.2017, Author: Software Mind, Categories: Business

Some believe that software development outsourcing is all about finding the cheapest contractor and the lowest price is by far the most attractive feature of any IT outsourcing provider. However, the truth is that in the year 2017, more often than not, companies interested in outsourcing do realize the dangers of prioritizing low cost. Instead, they set off to try find the very best deal – one that can bring the most benefit out of each dollar they invest. So, how do you go about finding the best value for money in software development outsourcing?

Does it always come down to money when it comes to software development outsourcing? Even if it’s true, what does it exactly mean?

If you ...

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