Nearshore software development services from LATAM

North American companies looking to grow their business are increasingly outsourcing software development to Latin America. Partner with a proven staff augmentation company that hires the best talent and creates scalable teams that can adapt to your needs.

Grow your business with a proven nearshore software development partner

North American companies are driving growth by outsourcing software development to Latin America. Partner with a proven staff augmentation company that hires the best talent, scales to your needs and provides world-class talent at competitive prices. Experience supporting American and Canadian companies, cultural familiarity and similar ways of working ensure swift integration and smooth cooperation.

Our LATAM nearshore software development services

IT staff augmentation

Boost IT capacity with skilled software development experts, from backend and frontend engineers, project managers, user experience (UX) & user interface (UI) designers to manual and automation quality assurance (QA) engineers and data engineers.

Product discovery

Increase your research and development capabilities, test out hypotheses and develop innovative solutions by outsourcing your discovery stages to nearshore teams in LATAM, so you can focus on your core business. 

Complete squads 

Enhance your project's potential with a self-driven, forward-thinking team of expert developers, guided by a manager exclusively committed to your success, that takes ownership of all stages of software delivery life cycles (SDLCs).

Cost-effective development center

Maximize return on investment (ROI) by utilizing engineers who work in a compatible time zone and have a similar culture. Access senior engineers who work at competitive rates and deliver real-world value.

Benefits of nearshore software development

Nearshore software outsourcing to LATAM teams enables US companies to save resources, speed up software delivery and access niche expertise.

IPR-protected development

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from working with transparent teams that comply with legal regulations, security protocols and ensure your intellectual property rights are protected. 

Cost-effective engineering

Increase team productivity and streamline software delivery processes with cost-efficient talent that adds value to your business and prioritizes product quality.

Improved efficiency

Develop your projects quickly with nearshore team members whose compatible cultures and time zones ensure smooth integration into your organization.

Specialized skills

Bring highly trained talent with niche expertise on board to deliver complex software projects and help you leverage emerging technologies.

Increased competition

Access skilled IT talent to achieve your growth goals, shorten time to market and stay ahead of your competitors.

Long-lasting partnerships

Team up with a technology partner who handles your software development so you can focus on your core business.

Why do companies turn to nearshore
software development teams in LATAM?

Competitive rates

Outsourcing software development to nearshore teams in LATAM enables US companies to benefit from more affordable IT expertise while still accessing specialized skills.

Language proficiency and cultural fit

According to the English Proficiency Index, 65% of LATAM countries have very high or moderate English proficiency. People from this region are familiar with the American lifestyle and culture, which leads to mutual understanding and seamless communication. 

Compatible time zones

With almost no time difference between the US and LATAM, this region is an excellent nearshore software development location for growing your company. Remote teams can schedule calls during workday hours and work alongside your internal specialists.

Top-notch academic level

LATAM's highly educated IT professionals provide the seniority and technical capabilities that US companies want. Educational standards, which follow STEM curricula, are modeled after North American systems and receive significant investment from the public sector.

Senior-level experience

LATAM professionals’ international IT experience and up to date knowledge of the latest engineering trends, technologies and best practices empowers organizations at every stage of the software development life cycle.

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Who needs IT staff augmentation services?

Staff augmentation enables companies of all sizes to quickly expand their software development teams with external experts who have specific skill sets needed for certain projects. These services give businesses more flexibility without requiring them to engage in time-consuming, expensive recruitment processes.

Staff augmentation helps startups shorten time to market

Experienced software teams share their domain expertise to effectively turn business ideas into Proofs of Concept (PoCs), so that startups can increase their chances of attracting investors and new users with their innovative solutions.

Scaleups use staff augmentation to ramp up development

For companies in their scaleup stage, IT staff augmentation is a proven strategy for driving growth, expanding solutions with brand-new features and bringing new talent in a cost-efficient way.

For enterprises, staff augmentation means access to niche skills

Large organizations might struggle with leveraging emerging technologies. Staff augmentation enables them to speed up digital transformation initiatives, create new revenue streams and remain competitive.

Learn how to build a nearshore development team

Step 1

Sign a contract

Your nearshoring partner will provide you with all the knowledge and expertise required for your project. It is advisable to sign a confidentiality agreement beforehand that enables you to share information freely. Once you’ve verified that a nearshore outsourcing company is qualified, it’s time to sign the collaboration contract.

Step 2

Select the best engagement model 

The three models of cooperating with an external team offer various benefits and suit different needs. In our experience, integrating nearshore developers with in-house teams is an effective form of transferring knowledge, but the optimal ways of working may differ, based on your goals and requirements.

Step 3

Choose team members

It is important for the right people with relevant expertise to join your project. A nearshoring company can help you recruit and recommend experts who are best suited for the specific requirements of your solution, based on their skills, personality fit and experience.

Step 4

Take part in introductory meetings

This series of meetings prepares the ground for a seamless cooperation and includes introducing the team and establishing the scope of the project, means of communication, reporting methodology, mutual expectations and more. For best results, bring all the information you can, as well as collect your questions and define your expectations in advance.

Step 5

Establish communication channels

Besides deciding on optimal communication methods with a nearshoring company, avoid an “us” vs. “them” approach. All team members, both external and in-house, should be committed to fostering an environment of collaboration, ownership and openness.

Step 6

Track performance

Regularly monitor your nearshore development team’s progress according to agreed-on benchmarks. Constant feedback and open communication are vital to ensuring high-quality work at all stages of software delivery.


Our cross-functional teams work with best-of-breed tools to develop customized solutions that deliver rewarding experiences and comply with market regulations.

Nearshore software development insights

Get expert advice and best practices on establishing effective collaboration with external development teams.

Speed up software delivery with LATAM teams


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Nearshore software development – FAQ

Will nearshoring software development services lower the quality of my product?

On the contrary, a nearshore software development company’s goal should be to be deliver the highest-quality software that is aligned with your requirements, supports your business goals and meets industry standards. Software Mind’s effective recruitment programs are designed to attract the best-fitting candidates to your project. Our multi-cultural teams, with a range of perspectives and broad experience, provide fresh ideas and insights from a variety of backgrounds. These teams are particularly skilled at enhancing projects through open and transparent collaboration with in-house specialists – sharing domain expertise, adding value to your solutions and helping you achieve all your business goals.

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