Making an impact through Environmental, Social and Governance

By engaging in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives, we bring people and tech together to contribute to positive changes.

Tech-driven, human-centered and committed to our ESG goals

Our ESG standards promote transparency and responsibility in how we operate in areas like environmental sustainability, social responsibility and corporate governance. At Software Mind, these pillars play a crucial role in the way we create value for our stakeholders and communities we belong to.

As a software development company, we’re coding the future, while caring for the present. Our teams are committed to protecting the environment, promoting transparent innovations and empowering local communities, because by taking action now, we can shape a better future for everyone.

Sustainability is an integral part of our culture

ESG goals are fully aligned with Software Mind’s culture. One of our core values is to act with respect, and we apply it not only to our colleagues and in our operations, but also to the environment and our communities.

We act with respect towards our environment

Our organization takes measures to protect the environment and minimize our impact on it. This includes implementing sustainable practices, reducing ecological footprints and following responsible resource management practices.

We act with respect in our communities

Beyond empowering people with our technology expertise, we also get involved on the ground. We regularly engage in socially responsible initiatives, support local communities and address needs and concerns in areas where we operate.

We act with respect at work

In our company, building an inclusive, positive workplace is essential. We promote equal development opportunities, ensure transparency in our business practices and treat our employees, clients and partners fairly and ethically.

A dedicated platform for reporting violations

At Software Mind, we don’t tolerate violations of our business ethics code or compliance standards. Any alleged breach of law, our company’s Code of Ethics or internal procedures is treated seriously and carefully reviewed. Violations can be reported to our dedicated, third-party channel, which is accessible 24/7 and available to our employees, partners, vendors and anyone else who interacts with our organization.

Reports of questionable actions and compliance concerns can be submitted immediately and anonymously via the platforms linked below.

Our ESG initiatives


To mitigate our environmental impact, our offices are equipped with recycling bins and informational posters that promote better waste management. We also use water dispensers in our offices and offer glass jugs in conference rooms to limit the use of disposable plastic bottles. Our company handles electronic waste responsibly by reusing, properly disposing of or donating it to charitable causes. We also organize and take part in eco-friendly initiatives to keep our environment clean.


  1. Our offices in Poland and Moldova offer designated containers for old batteries.
  2. In 2023, we cleaned up a riverbank along the Vistula River.
  3. That year we also moved away from using plastic membership cards in our employee benefit program and turned to electronic cards available on a mobile app.

Social Responsibility

Establishing a rewarding, inclusive work environment that encourages development is a company priority. Team members can give feedback through our Employee Satisfaction Surveys that help improve working conditions and internal communications. We also offer training programs for the entire organization to grow general and specialized skills. Externally, engaging with local communities enables us to support and empower those in need.


  1. We organized webinars on breaking biases and talking with people from different cultures.
  2. We ran the “Energy ON” initiative to boost engagement and promote a healthy lifestyle and well-being, which also resulted in support for four non-profit organizations.
  3. Our LATAM team organized a blood donation drive.
  4. Polish Software Minders cooperated with local senior associations to share their tech knowledge with senior citizens and help them navigate the digital world.
  5. We hosted a charity bake sale and an auction of experience vouchers to support the medical treatment of a ward of a local charitable foundation.
  6. Teams in Poland and Moldova raised funds and collected food and other items for local animal shelters.


Our ESG team has been enhancing our compliance and business ethics standards since it was established in 2023. As an organization, we pay special attention to following ethical principles inour daily work, regardless of our individual positions or departments. Along with our company values that reinforce our transparency and integrity, we act with our clients’ and partners’ interests in mind, taking into account suchmatters as confidentiality, data protection and intellectual property.


  1. In 2023, we introduced a Code of Business Ethics for all employees in the organization.
  2. A special module dedicated to the Code has been added to our onboarding process, and we’ve also trained our management team on its principles.
  3. We also launched a monthly newsletter in Poland to keep the local team up to date on important company news, upcoming initiatives and events.

Check out our latest ESG activities


Planting trees, Moldova, March 2024

We came together to plant almost 3,000 trees and make a positive impact on Moldova’s landscape. The initiative aimed to not only enhance the country’s greenery but also foster community engagement and environmental awareness among participants.

Planting trees, Moldova, March 2024


Planting trees, Moldova, March 2024

We came together to plant almost 3,000 trees and make a positive impact on Moldova’s landscape. The initiative aimed to not only enhance the country’s greenery but also foster community engagement and environmental awareness among participants.

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