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Implement effective cloud migration strategies, optimize existing environments and develop cloud-native solutions to drive your digital transformation and create new revenue streams.

Scale your business with cloud solutions

By specializing in cloud-native app development, multicloud solutions and in-depth cloud training, our cross-functional teams implement solutions that increase agility, enhance productivity and create new revenue streams. Companies trust our experienced experts to foster innovation and execute safe cloud migrations that optimize costs, boost business and enhance security.

Our cloud computing services 

Planning your cloud migration journey

Move your business to the cloud through tailor-made strategies that manage all organizational, security and legal issues.

Building cloud-native applications

Develop applications designed for the cloud. A cloud-native approach increases scalability, productivity and security.

Optimizing costs and cloud architectures

Audit your existing cloud environment and optimize cloud consumption costs while improving your current architecture’s quality.

Customizing multicloud environments

Design a customized multicloud, hybrid cloud or multi-hybrid cloud environment that addresses your company’s needs.

Increasing profits with AI and machine learning

Use the power of AI and machine learning to collect data and transform it into a valuable source of business intelligence.

Extending development capacity with cloud engineering

Expand and maintain your cloud infrastructure with the support of cross-functional, highly skilled cloud talent.

How we provide cloud consulting and services

Project scope is always adjusted to your needs – our experts are ready to support you in a Fix Scope (implementing specific products or services) or Time & Materials model (based on technological and business goals).

Stage 1

Concept creation

We approach every project individually and tailor our strategies to your goals. Each cooperation starts with a workshop that helps us understand your business and identify the optimal solutions. Effective consultation enables us to not only implement cloud environments but ultimately to empower businesses with emerging technologies.

Stage 2


We implement projects in autonomous teams and keep you regularly updated on a project’s progress. The cloud environments we design are fully compliant with applicable regulations (e.g., for financial services) and optimized for performance, safety and cost-effectiveness.

Stage 3

Knowledge transfer

After providing you with a tailor-made solution, we share with you everything you need to know to manage it on your own. To do this, we run a knowledge transfer workshop for your technical and business stakeholders to explain how the solution works and how it needs to be maintained for best results.

Stage 4

Further support

After the knowledge transfer is complete, we offer additional support to help you maintain and expand the solution, depending on your needs.


Cloud engineering:
If you don’t have a team with cloud expertise, our dedicated cloud specialists can seamlessly join your team and take care of your cloud environment.


Cloud training:
If your engineering team needs to upskill, our certified cloud experts can train your specialists to develop their skills for specific roles or in specific cloud technologies.

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Create your own cloud team through cloud training

Empower your team to work independently in various cloud computing areas and with diverse technologies through a live training program tailored to your requirements and led by active consultants that have trained thousands of professionals. Learn how to use leading cloud technologies based on real-life case studies and increase your business efficiency.

Become an expert and learn how to leverage Kubernetes

Gain knowledge and develop practical skills in Terraform

Specialize in Google Cloud Platform, AWS and Microsoft Azure

Cloud consulting and services that deliver measurable value

Top tier multicloud specialists

Partner with dedicated senior cloud consulting specialists, architects and engineers with vast knowledge and certificates that attest to their skills and a track record of successful implementations.

Cloud expertise tailored to business goals

Receive personalized support and customized cloud solutions, no matter the size of a project.

Knowledge transfers done right

Ensure your team can work independently and develop your project unassisted after our work has finished, through a comprehensive knowledge transfer managed by our cloud consulting services team.

Cloud-driven business impact

Leverage cloud technologies to solve business challenges, with our help. We improve, optimize and implement innovative cloud solutions to support your company's growth.

Our cloud consulting services

Our cross-functional teams work with best-of-breed tools to develop customized solutions that deliver rewarding experiences and comply with market regulations

Cloud computing insights

Get expert advice and best practices on cloud solutions and technologies.

Migrate to cloud smoothly and safely


+ talented experts


+ years of innovation


+ clients who trust us

Cloud migration and optimization – FAQ

How to develop a cloud migration strategy and start a cloud journey?

Cloud migration refers to the process of moving data, applications or other business elements from on-premise or traditional IT infrastructures to the cloud. Cloud computing has become an increasingly popular option for businesses of all sizes, as it offers many benefits, such as scalability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness. What steps should organizations take to start their cloud journey and develop a successful cloud migration strategy? Here are crucial four steps: assess your current IT environment, define your goals and objectives, choose a cloud provider and develop a migration plan.

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