Manufacturing software development & consulting services

Enhance your manufacturing operations and operationalize data by turning to experts with proven experience and expertise with Industry 4.0 technologies.

Custom manufacturing software development support

Enhance your solutions by integrating AI and other evolutive technologies to increase their effectiveness. Transform your operations in a way that is cost-effective and safe, while keeping pace with technological innovations and staying at the forefront of solution providers.

Manufacturing software development solutions that drive Industry 4.0

AI-driven development

Develop smart applications that incorporate IoT, AI and robotics to operationalize data and drive advanced automation strategies. Streamline maintenance processes and enhance their effectiveness by anticipating maintenance needs, automating responses and improving asset performance. Optimize maintenance schedules, reduce manual intervention and ensure that equipment operates at peak efficiency with minimal downtime.

Proprietary embedded software hardware development

Overcome scalability problems and develop customized solutions tailored to your needs with experts who efficiently create hardware platforms from scratch to meet wide-ranging configuration goals. Upgrade and accelerate your hardware with systems that help you adapt to dynamic market demands. Test and validate your solutions to ensure your solutions are compliant with industry standards and regulations.

Cloud-driven data management

Create a robust framework for collecting, storing, processing and analyzing data to unlock actionable insights that lead to more informed maintenance decisions for enhanced equipment reliability and operational efficiency. Integrate data management services and cloud computing to achieve a dynamic and responsive maintenance strategy that minimizes downtime, reduces maintenance costs and improves overall operational effectiveness.

Firmware development

Benefit from bare-metal programming to optimize solutions and resources, program directly at the hardware level and eliminate the need for operating systems. Develop, with our experts, firmware for microcontroller units (MCUs), engineer drivers, platforms, applications and operating systems, while implementing wired and wireless communication standards, upgrading testing processes and increasing firmware capabilities. Get comprehensive development support, from architecture design to troubleshooting and maintenance.

Preventive and predictive maintenance

Implement Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud-based solutions and transition towards smart factories by leveraging real-time data collection and analytics to identify potential issues and address them proactively. Reduce unplanned downtime and increase operational efficiency through the deployment of sensors and devices that continuously monitor equipment condition, performance and environmental factors and send this critical data to the cloud for analysis.

Real-time operating systems (RTOS) deployment

Optimize resource management, improve device responsiveness and enhance system performance through tailored RTOS. Customize existing RTOS kernels or create new applications to deal with real-time constraints and deliver desired functionalities. Select the appropriate RTOS for your specific application and hardware architecture, port existing software to a different RTOS or migrate from a bare-metal system to a real-time platform.

Customized embedded systems

Design and deploy embedded systems that support your business goals and drive digital transformations. Beyond designing firmware, our embedded software experts develop testing tools and environments, deliver functional applications and incorporate third-party modules to create secure solutions based on stable architectures. Tap into expertise in emerging technologies and best industry practices to maximize the efficiency and performance of your systems.

5G connectivity

Boost network reliability and security, improve system flexibility and speed up device communication by leveraging 5G connectivity. Reduce latency, energy consumption and costs, while increasing your IoT capabilities to connect and operate more devices of different types. Facilitate automation processes, enhance remote control of various equipment, monitor quality and strengthen operational resiliency with 5G networks.

Manufacturing software development process

Stage 1

Assessment & Identification

  • Analyzing Needs
    Identify opportunities, potential risks, expected ROI, required resources and suitable solutions.
  • Consulting Stakeholders
    Get stakeholders’ input on potential benefits and challenges of recommended technologies.

Stage 2

Pilot & Testing

  • Training a Pilot Group
    Test the technology with a small group and provide them with adequate training.
  • Iterating a Solution
    Make necessary adjustments, based on gathered feedback, before a broader rollout.

Stage 3

Full Implementation

  • Building a Center of Excellence
    Develop governance and security standards, while driving change across your organization.
  • Managing Change
    Educate your employees on the new technology and offer support.

Stage 4

Monitoring & Optimization

  • Tracking Performance
    Monitor KPIs to gauge the technology’s impact on your organization.
  • Making Iterative Improvements
    Conduct ongoing refinements to the project, based on KPIs and continuous feedback.

Stage 5

Review & Scalability

  • Expanding Opportunities
    If the technology proves beneficial, look for other areas where it can be implemented.
  • Gathering Stakeholder Feedback
    Get stakeholders’ perspective on the successes and challenges of the implementation.

Stage 6

Continuous Learning & Adaptation

  • Staying Up to Date
    Keep up with tech updates and best practices that could further benefit your organization.
  • Making Periodic Assessments
    Regularly ensure technology aligns with your needs and delivers the expected value.

Benefits of manufacturing software development?

ML-driven assertive monitoring

Learn new patterns easily and facilitate real-time monitoring and analysis of equipment conditions through sensors and IoT devices. Analyze data in real time to detect one-class classification (OCC) anomalies and enable machine extrapolation, in which machines identify anomalies themselves.

Data-driven maintenance

Collect, manage, store and analyze data in real time to ensure better equipment performance and schedule repairs before issues arise. Turn data into actionable business insights that maximize operational efficiency and help control costs.

Automated data acquisition

Streamline and automate data acquisition for more efficient processing, storing and visualization. Improve data quality and security, limit human errors and facilitate configuration retooling for enhanced problem-solving.

Embedded software customization

Optimize your embedded solutions to get the maximum performance from your hardware platforms. Enable quicker decisions, address challenges specific to your business and drive operational productivity. Ensure your devices and embedded software are compliant with local data and security regulations.

Enhanced production planning 
and machinery control

Improve maintenance by analyzing patterns and trends to optimize maintenance schedules and procedures, reduce unnecessary interventions and encourage predictive maintenance that saves time and money.

Increased operational efficiency

Implement leading emerging technologies like AI, machine learning (ML) and IoT to maximize product engineering – from design and development to testing and maintenance. Deploy 5G to enable faster device connectivity and maximize machine productivity.

Enhanced visibility

Monitor and track inventory while obtaining up-to-the-minute reports that strengthen your organization’s analytic abilities to make accurate forecasts and control costs. Identify and address inefficiencies, while optimizing resource management.

Efficient inventory and project 

Deploy predictive modeling that uses historical and real-time data to predict equipment failures before they occur and enable timely interventions. Leverage data for informed asset management to extend the life of devices and improve return on investment (ROI).

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The partnership that we have with Software Mind is actually critical to CSL. We’re looking to deliver specific features and functions to our customers and the only way that we’re going to do that is through this collaboration. They're critical to what we want to do as a business and our growth strategy going forward.”

Steven Robertson, CTO at CSL

I would recommend other companies using Software Mind’s services and their personnel for a few reasons. The main reason obviously is that they delivered to my satisfaction. Software Mind under promised and overdelivered, and they delivered on time and under budget.

Luke Crane, CEO at Voice of Fire

The diversity and flexibility of the team were impressive. We had team members with different personalities and working styles which helped balance the project. For example, we had a teammate that excelled at taking a big picture approach, but we had another developer that was more detail oriented.

Kai Limbach, Product Owner at Siegwerk Druckfarben AG & Co. KGaA

Impressive is the high quality of the individuals, both personally (proactive approach) and professionally.

Senior Director of Software Engineering at Hydrafacial

Their professionalism working in a complex environment with cutting-edge technologies is top-notch!

Chief Product Officer at GemOne

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Organizations we support with manufacturing software solutions

Industrial manufacturing

Improve operations by connecting people, devices and processes and utilizing tailor-made solutions designed for your business goals. Enhance machine maintenance, track product quality and automate processes to drive productivity and save resources.

Food industry

Apply innovative technologies to production management to boost efficiency, reduce wastage and control resources more effectively. Monitor harvesting performance and animal stock health, maintain optimal storage environments and address facility inefficiencies.


Get cross-technological support, from embedded platform development to advanced data management, and optimize production processes through predictive analytics and device connectivity. Design and develop innovative smart vehicle functionalities using 5G, embedded systems and AI.

Apparel manufacturing

Design autonomous processing chains, improve machine maintenance with predictive analytics and track inventory in real time. Create smart factories by implementing evolutive custom software and firmware, while developing wearable electronics and e-textiles.


Our cross-functional teams work with best-of-breed tools to develop customized solutions that deliver rewarding experiences and comply with market regulations.

Manufacturing software development insights

Get expert advice and best practices on effectively implementing innovative technologies, boosting operational productivity and optimizing production.

Optimize your manufacturing operations


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+ R&D labs around world

Manufacturing software development – FAQ

How can AI support manufacturing software?

AI supports software for the manufacturing industry in several ways: Enhanced operational efficiency – By automating repetitive processes, AI can improve the effectiveness and precision of manufacturing operations so that workers can focus on more complex tasks. Improved production – By enabling predictive maintenance, AI reduces downtimes by identifying potential problems before they occur, which supports smooth production cycles and keeps down maintenance costs. Intelligent supply chain management – AI can help predict demand, manage inventory and help companies coordinate production rates with market demand. Data-driven insights – By supporting data gathering and analysis, AI can help businesses understand and act on data – in real-time. These AI-driven decisions can cut costs and maximize resource allocation.

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