Embedded Software Services

Accelerate your digital transformation with embedded software services that deliver custom hardware development, testing, verification and consulting support.

Drive your digital transformation with embedded services

Software Mind’s highly skilled embedded team supports individual stages of embedded systems development as well as complex projects. Our cross-functional teams maximize value by configuring hardware platforms and developing embedded applications, as well as verifying, testing and maintaining firmware.

Embedded services and consultancy that deliver innovation

Design embedded systems software architecture

Turn to an experienced embedded software design team that empowers organizations with real-world knowledge of the latest technologies and modern platforms for embedded software development. Our experts design firmware, develop testing tools and environments, deliver functional applications and incorporate third-party modules.

Develop firmware for devices

Focus on your business while our team assists with every step of your device creation process – from architecture design and firmware development to troubleshooting, documentation and maintenance support. Our embedded experts develop firmware for MCUs, engineer drivers, platforms, applications and operating systems, implement wired and wireless communication standards and upgrade testing and firmware capabilities.

Configure, test and verify systems

Take advantage of complete firmware life cycle management, embedded systems configuration and testing. Our embedded software experts’ deep knowledge of communication standards enables them to provide tailor-made embedded systems support to ensure products are secure, high-quality and bug-free. Beyond ensuring quality assurance, our team automates tests, performs conformance testing and audits security measures.

Real-time operating systems (RTOS) experience and innovation that deliver results




Create real-time applications, including device drivers, communication protocols and low-level software components with cross-functional embedded engineers who can also help select the appropriate RTOS for your specific application and hardware architecture.


Porting and migration

Porting and migration

Port existing software and applications to a different RTOS or migrate from a bare-metal system to a real-time platform with embedded specialists who have a proven record of ensuring seamless transition and optimization for the target RTOS environment.


Maintenance and support

Maintenance and support

Ensure the long-term reliability of your RTOS-based solutions by receiving ongoing support and maintenance services that cover updates, patches and troubleshooting. Turn to embedded security and safety compliance services that evaluate and implement security measures in RTOS-based systems and help achieve compliance with industry-specific safety standards.




Integrate your chosen RTOS into an embedded system that’s configured and optimized for performance. Customize existing RTOS kernels to deal with real-time constraints and deliver desired functionalities.


Testing services

Testing services

Get comprehensive testing of real-time applications that validates adherence to timing constraints and system requirements. Along with verifying RTOS configurations and optimizations for robust and reliable performance, our embedded teams analyze system performance to identify bottlenecks and areas for optimization – from task scheduling and resource management to overall system responsiveness.




Create real-time applications, including device drivers, communication protocols and low-level software components with cross-functional embedded engineers who can also help select the appropriate RTOS for your specific application and hardware architecture.




Integrate your chosen RTOS into an embedded system that’s configured and optimized for performance. Customize existing RTOS kernels to deal with real-time constraints and deliver desired functionalities.

Embedded AI services

Embedded artificial intelligence (AI) services integrate AI capabilities into embedded systems so devices can perform intelligent functions and make decisions locally (on device or on the EDGE). Our embedded experts can help you choose technologies that match your needs, help with problem analysis and execute technology scouting to unlock new possibilities for efficiency, automation and innovation as close to your data sources as you need.

Customize AI and embedded development

Partner with a team of experienced data engineers to create tailored development of machine learning (ML) models designed to meet the unique requirements of your embedded applications.

Implement cost-effective embedded strategies

Conduct compatibility assessments to ensure optimal AI model integration with your specific hardware architecture.

Enable data-driven decision making

Design and implement algorithms for real-time decision-making within your embedded system that minimize latency in AI-driven processes.

Optimize resource-constrained environments

Overcome power consumption challenges and memory limitations by optimizing inference engines for edge computing to ensure high-performance of AI models on your embedded platforms.

Design and develop intelligent devices

Seamlessly integrate AI into your embedded systems to enhance the intelligence and decision-making capabilities of your devices.

Implement vision sensing capabilities

Empower devices with video recognition of patterns, object types and use cases to automate measurements, improve accuracy and speed.

Maximize embedded systems’ efficiency

Implement hardware acceleration and parallel processing techniques to maximize development.

Enhance power and resource management

Use power-efficient AI algorithms to extend the life of battery-powered embedded devices and fine-tune resource management by balancing AI performance with system responsiveness.

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What our clients say

I would recommend other companies using Software Mind’s services and their personnel for a few reasons. The main reason obviously is that they delivered to my satisfaction. Software Mind under promised and overdelivered, and they delivered on time and under budget.

Luke Crane, CEO at Voice of Fire

Their professionalism working in a complex environment with cutting-edge technologies is top-notch!

Chief Product Officer at GemOne

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Proven embedded services support

Experience across sectors

A proven record of successfully implementing IoT and embedded software projects across industries ensures effective collaboration.

Full software development life cycle support

We are a one-stop shop for embedded software and systems design for developing, testing and maintaining solutions.

Scalable embedded teams

Experienced embedded specialists scale up or down according to your needs.

Talented experts

Our diverse talent pool covers cloud solutions, IoT, mobile and web app development, DevOps, cybersecurity and leading emerging technologies.

Flexibility and value-driven development

An open culture and domain knowledge mean swift onboarding, smooth cooperation and full understanding of business goals.

Effective ways of working

Agile and proactive approaches that prioritize ownership and transparency result in efficient problem solving, improvements and knowledge transfers.


Our cross-functional teams work with best-of-breed tools to develop customized solutions that deliver rewarding experiences and comply with market regulations.

Software Mind is a proud member of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG). This membership signifies our commitment to staying at the forefront of Bluetooth technology developments, standards and innovations. As a Bluetooth SIG member, Software Mind engages in collaborative efforts that contribute to the advancement and adoption of Bluetooth technology across various applications and industries.

Embedded software insights

Get expert advice and best practices on developing embedded systems, architectures and software.

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Embedded Software Services – FAQ

What is embedded software?

Embedded software is a piece of software that is implanted in hardware or non-PC devices. Written specifically for the particular hardware that it runs on, it usually has processing and memory restrictions because of the device’s limited computing capabilities. Embedded software is becoming more and more important throughout industries, and can be found in a range of solutions, including GPS devices used in the automotive sector, factory robots for various types of manufacturing tasks, calculators and even smartwatches.

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For over two decades we’ve been helping companies across markets and sectors develop disruptive solutions. Proven ways of working, domain knowledge and an open culture that prioritizes ownership mean we contribute from day one.

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