Dedicated Software Development Teams

Hire software professionals and expand your IT capabilities.

Dedicated software development teams boost capacity & innovation

If you’re aiming to shorten time to market, carry out a digital transformation or simply expand development capacity, our experienced teams swiftly integrate into your organization, contribute from day one and ensure smooth software delivery.

We provide the full range of roles needed to support all stages of software development life cycles. Our teams, built according to your current needs and long-term business strategies, can work autonomously or alongside your in-house specialists.

Types of dedicated development teams

Autonomous teams

Autonomous teams streamline development processes – a client provides product requirements, and the external team delivers the desired outcomes. Entrusting an external team to manage a project enables a client to maximize their efficiency and concentrate on core business activities while the autonomous team develops new or existing solutions and regularly updates the client on the project’s progress.

Dedicated external teams managed by an in-house product owner

This collaborative approach promotes efficiency, transparency and seamless development, while offering clients value and control over their project's success. A client's product owner (PO) actively participates in planning the product backlog and works closely with external developers. The PO prioritizes product requirements and provides feedback on the team's work, ensuring that the project meets the client's vision and objectives.

Mixed teams

Mixed teams are comprised of in-house and external developers who are integrated directly into a client’s team. This option is a good way to start cooperation as a client can easily transfer domain knowledge and an outsourcing team can establish the development processes a client wants to pursue. A mixed team is supported by the IT partner’s software delivery manager who helps solve potential issues, manages the external team’s structure and oversees their development.

Dedicated software development and engineering teams

AI engineers

Boost operational efficiency and transform customer experiences by incorporating machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI) platforms and emerging solutions related to generative AI.

Cloud specialists

Strengthen your cloud capabilities and create new revenue streams with talent experienced in diverse cloud technologies, including MS Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Data scientists

Turn large data sets into valuable insights that drive business growth and implement advanced data analytics, business forecasting tools and behavior analysis solutions.

DevOps engineers

Accelerate your software development life cycles, increase efficiency with continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines and ensure your processes are flexible and safe.

Embedded software experts

Design embedded software systems architecture, develop firmware, verify systems and provide long-term maintenance and support services.

UX & UI designers

Use tested design strategies to deliver engaging user flows, create memorable products and increase customer satisfaction.

Mobile development engineers

Engineer robust, mobile-first solutions for a variety of operating systems and devices, leverage innovative technologies and deliver rewarding experiences.

Web developers

Build evolutive and scalable web solutions with skilled developers who understand your business goals and value high app performance, stability and security.

Test automation experts

Construct integrated test platforms and carry out a range of tests to improve accuracy, speed up software delivery and expand test coverage.

Quality assurance specialists

Ensure your software is bug-free and provides customers with optimal performance that increases satisfaction and loyalty.

Security engineers

Manage security systems, conduct comprehensive audits and modernize legacy solutions to keep your software and customer data safe.

Product managers

Entrust your product’s goals and your customers’ needs with a proven specialist who makes sure product development is effective, efficient and aligned with your vision.

Our experience

Effective scalability

Whether embarking on a full-scale digital transformation, migrating to cloud, launching a product or prioritizing sustainability over scalability, we react to changing market forces and business goals.

Transparent ownership

You can leave day-to-day software delivery management to us and focus on what really matters – strategic goals and growing your business.

Access to top talent

With cross-functional teams throughout Europe and the Americas, we take care of employee recruitment, training and retention to provide you with the experts you need.

Cultural fit

Our open culture, which prioritizes close cooperation, ensures clear communication, high productivity and value-driven development.

Best practices and domain expertise

Over 20 years’ experience across sectors and markets empowers our team to share proven methods that speed up software delivery and drive innovation.

Stable partnerships

A low attrition rate demonstrates our ability to retain talents, build up a knowledge base and provide experts on demand.

Who we’ve helped

What our clients say

Their ability to ramp up so quickly and start contributing to our projects has been very impressive. They don’t take things for granted and are always questioning and trying to understand how they can really best help us. They’re not an execution machine, they want to understand how and why we’re doing certain things so they can deliver the strongest result possible.

Dmitri Gaskin, Co-Founder of Branch

There are a number of advantages that Software Mind bring to CSL. First of all, we are able to expand the capacity of our organization so we can deliver more features and functions for our customers. We’ve been able to undertake specific strategic projects that would otherwise be quite difficult. It eases the resourcing requirement on our side, so we don’t have to find the talent ourselves. We can rely on Software Mind to find high-quality talent to actually deliver these solutions. And from a technology perspective, they are well-experienced in their fields.

Steven Robertson, CTO at CSL

One of the things that I’ve been particularly pleased about is the level of interest the Software Mind developers have. They ask a lot of questions. They work very closely with the teams in the UK, and they regularly come up with new ideas for how we can improve things.

Lucian Morris, CIO at Mortgage Advice Bureau

I’m most impressed by their professional demeanor and the level of talent they’ve introduced us to. The staff gets up to speed quickly during the onboarding process. The Software Mind developers really embody our company values; they adapt to change and operate as part of our team. It’s hard to tell the difference between our in-house developers and theirs.

Craig Hendry, Principal at Efficio Limited

We are very pleased with the style of project management by Software Mind. Conversations, meetings and workshops allow for efficient determination of details. The tools used, such as JIRA, allow to organize and efficiently manage changes in an ongoing project.

Jaroslaw Jarzebowski, CTO at Globitell Wholesale

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The benefits of hiring a dedicated development team

Increased flexibility and scalability

A dedicated team enables you to easily ramp your IT capacity up and down according to current needs, as well as tap into the skillsets your project requires at a given moment.

Improved software development processes

Experience testing different delivery methodologies means that dedicated teams easily establish effective ways of working, optimize existing processes and implement best practices.

Accelerated digital transformations

Diverse expertise and an understanding of your business goals empower a dedicated team to deliver complex digital transformations without disrupting daily operations.

Enhanced product quality

The right software partner ensures high product performance, recommends improvements and sets up fast deployment pipelines so you can focus on driving your business goals.

Optimized costs

With a dedicated development team, you avoid employee recruitment and retention costs and can focus on core operations, while external experts accelerate software delivery.

Boosted productivity

Outsourcing software development speeds up software development life cycles, reduces time to market and drives innovation that creates new revenue streams.

Access to specialized skills

Clients can tap into specialized knowledge and specific tech skills provided by dedicated development teams to deliver high-quality solutions more efficiently.

Maximized efficiency

Dedicated teams have domain experience and can efficiently handle development tasks. This saves time, as clients don't have to invest in the recruitment, onboarding and training of individual team members.

Increased focus on core activities

By delegating development tasks to a dedicated team, clients can focus on their core business activities, strategic initiatives and other crucial aspects of their business.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What should you look for in a dedicated development team?

Experience, skills and culture. Make sure your external partner has a relevant track record engineering software in your industry, with the technologies you’d like to implement. A dedicated development team should be cross-functional, which ensures they can effectively manage all areas of a software development life cycle and share knowledge with your in-house specialists (an obvious long-term, value-added benefit). Lastly, while proven experience and technical capabilities are vital, don’t forget to pay attention to a dedicated development team’s culture, as this impacts not only the cooperation, but also the results. Seek out missionaries, not mercenaries, and look for an outsourcing partner that prioritizes transparency and ownership.

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