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Back-end Software Development
.NET + ASPMVC, .NET Core, Entity/Dapper, Java, Spring, Hibernate, Oracle DB
Front-end Software Development
JavaScript, React/Redux, Angular, Vue
Mobile Software Development
Kotlin, Swift, RWD, React Native, Flutter, PWA
Data Science/Machine Learning, Deep Learning, NLP, Tensor Flow, Keras,, Infer.NET, Probabilistic programming
Test Automation
Selenium, Cucumber, MSpec, SpecFlow, SoapUI
Big Data
Hadoop, Spark, HBase, Neo4j
Azure/AWS/Google CS Multicloud / Cloud native, Docker, TerraForm Octopus/Puppet Bamboo/Jenkins/TFS Kubernetes
RabbitMQ, Kafka, Cammel, REVA, Hazelcast, Workflow/BPM, Real-time a/v streaming

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Hear from our clients

Dimitri Gaskin - co-founder of Branch - speaks
episode 1
Straight from the mouth: ‘California Dreamin'

Supporting Branch, Silicon Valley’s leading deep linking platform, is a software engineer’s dream. But can Polish engineers smoothly fit into an American team? Don’t take our word for it – hear about our shared culture from Branch Co-Founder Dmitri Gaskin.

Mark Weiler - Senior Vice President of Enginering at Branch - speaks
episode 2
Straight from the mouth: ‘Golden Gate visions'

How important is culture when choosing an engineering partner to help you ramp up your software? Hear from Mark Weiler, SVP of Branch, Silicon Valley’s leading deep linking platform, about the shared culture between Polish and American engineering teams.

Eric Glover - principal data scientist and Jonas Bauer - principal engineer at Branch - speak
episode 3
Straight from the mouth: ‘Makin' an impact'

What’s it like to work with Silicon Valley’s leading deep linking platform? Listen to Principal Data Scientist Eric Glover and Principal Engineer Jonas Bauer talk about the unique opportunities #SoftwareMinders can find working with #Branch, a game changing company that’s delivering disruptive solutions.

Juha Havu - Director of technology at Accountor Finago - speaks
episode 4
Similar beliefs mean distinct value

A good cultural fit lays the foundation for a thriving partnership. Listen to Juha Havu, Director of Technology, Innovation and Product Development at Accountor Finago, explain how common values foster collaboration and deliver real-world results for his company.

Marcus Heino - release manager at Accountor Finago - speaks
episode 5
A close partnership for far-reaching results

Technical expertise, high-quality code and fresh ideas are essential, but what else should you expect from an outsourcing partner? Watch Marcus Heino, Release Manager at Accountor Finago, share his impressions of the smooth collaboration between his team and Software Mind.

Steven Robertson - chief technology officer at CSL - speaks
episode 6
A word of mouth leads to a helping hand

How did a recommendation from an investment portfolio company lead to an enthusiastic, close-knit collaboration? Watch Steven Robertson, CTO at CSL, discuss how Software Mind has been supporting CSL’s growth strategy.

Felip Correas - mobile technical lead - speaks
episode 7
Vast knowledge, close cooperation

Collaborating with a team who offers technical expertise and industry knowledge goes a long way for telco providers. Watch Felip Correas Bons, Mobile Technical Lead at Andorra Telecom, explain how Software Mind supports Andorra Telecom’s solutions with industry-specific experience.

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Word of mouth


Their ability to ramp up so quickly and start contributing to our projects has been very impressive.
They don’t take things for granted and are always questioning and trying to understand how they can really best help us. They’re not an execution machine, they want to understand how and why we’re doing certain things so they can deliver the strongest result possible.

Dmitri Gaskin, co-founder - Branch (Redwood City, CA)

Words can’t explain how I feel about you guys. You have personally supported me through a few tough months and you are always there to guide and instruct when I don’t know the way forward or the right answers.


What a way to exceed the expectation!


We find the developers from SoftwareMind to be highly qualified, and the co-operation with them works very well. We recommend SoftwareMind for similar projects.

Gerdt, CEO - Escali, Norway

We were in complete agreement that Software Mind should be the company we move forward with to establish an outsourcing partnership. Your approach and obvious enthusiasm for high quality development along with a great atmosphere in your office makes us think our companies will be a good cultural fit for each other.

Jim Wright, Head of Software Development, SWORD Apak

We are very glad that our partnership with Software Mind has been so efficient, and are pleased to recommend Software Mind to any company requiring a modern, experienced and motivated partner for development of state-of-the-art IT solutions.

Furthermore, it has been my experience that the entire team is eager to fulfil our expectations and even to go the extra mile to achieve our goal.

Tom Ilube, CEO/Founder of Garlik

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