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Software House.
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To offer quality software development services, you need to master technology. To make it top-notch, you need to master people interactions and let your team go beyond.

We have been doing that for 20 years.

Finance & Technology

These two go hand in hand; and once Software Mind joins in, you get FinTech dynamics done in a safe way.

First step into outsourcing

Haven’t ever used software outsourcing or nearshoring? Scared of negative opinions? Here is a painless, yet rewarding way to embrace it.

Beyond Consulting

Just like any consultant, we provide advice. Unlike most of them, we also implement, follow through, and experience the results first-hand.

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Our expertise

Software Development
  • Java
  • .NET
  • Mobile
Big Data
  • Spark, Hadoop
  • Cassandra, Graph databases
  • Data Science, Massive scale analytics
  • Deep Learning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Machine learning as a service (MLaaS)
  • Design UX & UI Concepts
  • Workshops
  • Research and user testing
Product Ideation
  • Event Storming
  • Design Sprint
  • Lean Startup
IT Audit
  • Technological position
  • Cloud/application architecture
  • SDLC process
Consider us if:
You believe the quality built into the process is not just a buzzword
Not the best fit if:
You do things “the good old way” and do not plan to change
Consider us if:
You are looking for an outsourcing partner that cares about what you do and is not afraid to speak their mind
Not the best fit if:
You expect boss – subordinate relationship
Consider us if:
You value close cooperation
Not the best fit if:
You expect to have everything done for you without lifting a finger
Consider us if:
You are looking for long term partnership
Not the best fit if:
You only need support for a short-term project
Consider us if:
Our toolbox below knocks you off your feet
Not the best fit if:
You can’t grasp its sheer unrestrained awesomeness ;)
With experiences comes...

Our one and only outsourcing toolbox

Agile for outsourcing
Agile for outsourcing
Agile scope management
Agile scope management
Agile reporting
Agile reporting
Automated testing
Automated testing
Code craftsmanship
Code craftsmanship
Short production cycles
Short production cycles
Automated deployments
Automated deployments
Right communications channels
Right communications channels

Word of mouth

Their ability to ramp up so quickly and start contributing to our projects has been very impressive.
They don’t take things for granted and are always questioning and trying to understand how they can really best help us. They’re not an execution machine, they want to understand how and why we’re doing certain things so they can deliver the strongest result possible.

Dmitri Gaskin, co-founder – Branch (Redwood City, CA)

Word of mouth

Words can’t explain how I feel about you guys. You have personally supported me through a few tough months and you are always there to guide and instruct when I don’t know the way forward or the right answers.

Word of mouth

What a way to exceed the expectation!

Word of mouth

We find the developers from SoftwareMind to be highly qualified, and the co-operation with them works very well. We recommend SoftwareMind for similar projects.

Gerdt, CEO – Escali, Norway

Word of mouth

We were in complete agreement that Software Mind should be the company we move forward with to establish an outsourcing partnership. Your approach and obvious enthusiasm for high quality development along with a great atmosphere in your office makes us think our companies will be a good cultural fit for each other.

Jim Wright, Head of Software Development, SWORD Apak

Word of mouth

We are very glad that our partnership with Software Mind has been so efficient, and are pleased to recommend Software Mind to any company requiring a modern, experienced and motivated partner for development of state-of-the-art IT solutions.

Furthermore, it has been my experience that the entire team is eager to fulfil our expectations and even to go the extra mile to achieve our goal.
Tom Ilube, CEO/Founder of Garlik

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General Manager
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VP of Business Development
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