2024 Roaming Projects Summary







2024 Roaming Projects Summary

Published: 2024/06/07

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In the first half of 2024, Software Mind implemented Amplitiv Steering of Roaming and SMS Welcome platforms for the following operators:

  • O2 Czech Republic
  • O2 Slovakia
  • Yettel Srbija

In addition, the largest project the team has tackled so far with Deutsche Telekom has also been finalized, with the final migration and go-live session for the SMS Welcome platform at the beginning of May this year (Steering of Roaming was finalized in November 2023).

Implementations with both operators from the O2 group went smoothly, with minimum challenges in the technical aspects of the project. The real challenge was bringing the platforms live by the end of February, and the team emerged victorious.

Moreover, particular attention needs to be paid to the implementation done for Yettel Srbija. As soon as our team received access to servers designated for the installation of the platforms at the beginning of April, we were ready for the production launch in the middle of May. On top of that, migration procedures were successfully completed without a single error.

The project has been dubbed a true milestone in the Software Mind’s team history, setting a history record for both the speed and quality of the implementation process.

Apart from that, in the last 5 months, the team has managed to successfully launch 6 new customers for a total of 8 services on our SaaS platform deployed at Comfone: 

  • Moldtelecom for SMSW service
  • TNM Malawi for SMSW service
  • MTC Namibia for SMSW service
  • Mattel Mauritania for both Steering and SMSW service
  • ARQIA Brazil for Steering service
  • ATOM Myanmar for Steering service

Comfone’s platforms were deployed at the beginning of 2020 and have been constantly upgraded with new functionalities (VoLTE, OTA, Border, etc.). They currently serve more than 20 operators for 25 services in total.

In addition to the recent implementations in 2024, it is worthwhile to note that older platforms deployed for T-Mobile Poland in 2015 have been subject to constant upgrades and improvements. A completely new version of the platform was introduced in 2019 and further updates were introduced in 2021 (Border Steering) and 2022 (VoLTE Steering).

The steering platform deployed for NOVA s.f. Iceland in 2016 was upgraded between 2022 and 2023.

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