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The way we work at Software Mind – PM Story

11.03.2015, Author: Wojciech Krawczyk, Categories: Agile Development

The team

The Software Mind Team consist of 8  people.

The Team follows the scrum approach with all the aspects of it. Keeping that in mind, following describes the team:

•  self-organized,

•  highly focused,

•  independent, 

•  and responsible for the results

One team member is playing a role of Scrum Master. Other team members are cross-functional, ready to be Developer, Architect, Tester any other role that is required.

The sprint

The team is following the two weeks sprints. Each of the sprints starts with the planning session where the team and product owner discusses the candidates that can be done next. Usually Tom, Product Owner (representing Customer) sends to the team the proposal of the user stories ... Read more