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Controlling scope of large project: agile or waterfall?

14.04.2015, Author: Leszek Czarnota, Categories: Business

Agile vs. waterfall – this is the subject we discussed with large company with more than hundred locations worldwide. Firstly, they had decided for agile approach and started the pi-lot phase. After year of work they stopped as they felt that they lost control over rapidly growing pool of user demands for functionality and GUI. 

We estimated the size of the project for 7 000-10 000 function points. Statistics of The Standish Group International  and Casper Jones  show that project of such size have only 28% chance to success and 48% of them are cancelled. Moreover requirements change at an av-erage rate of 1.6% per month or about 34% in total over the life of 10,000 FP project ...

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