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Hidden Costs of Creating Software - Part 1 of 3

23.03.2016, Author: Wojciech Ciesielski, Categories: Business

Hidden Costs of Creating Software

Analysis of Penalties Incurred by Subpar Skills vs Potential Savings on IT Staff Hourly Rates

Outsourcing software development services is an ongoing trend for years now and although it is still a popular approach in many industries it is far from having perfect track record of meeting executives’ expectations. What seemed like a easy win when comparing operational costs on paper proved to be far more complicated when attempted in real life. For example General Motors dissatisfaction with outsourcing its IT caused the company to reverse the process. In 2012 GM has announced plans[1] to move 3000 of IT jobs previously outsourced to Hewlett-Packard back in-house. By the mid-2015 automaker’s plans included having ...

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