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Divide and conquer, or rather, bring together and conquer!

23.06.2016, Author: Piotr Jachimczak, Categories: Agile Development

When I joined the team some time ago, one of the first things that my attention was riveted to were Daily Scrums. All the people participating in the project, and there were 17 of them, stood in a circle that, due to the size of the team, covered the whole room. Then everyone recited the answers to three questions: what they did yesterday, what they were going to do on that day, and whether they had problems. The answers went more or less along the following lines: 

“Yesterday I worked on ticket XYZ, today I’m going to continue my work on ticket XYZ, and I see no problems, thank you”. 

When a problem appeared, the whole team ...

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Doomsday is coming

10.06.2016, Author: Piotr Jachimczak, Categories: Agile Development

Problem: the origin

One of the problems my team struggles with is the technical debt (aka design debt). The system has been developed for a number of years, and its scope has significantly changed in the meantime (not to mention the purpose it serves), and so has the original line-up of the team… In other words, there’s plenty of “legacy code” and “interesting” (i.e. twisted) architecture. When we mentioned the question of technical debt at retrospection, it turned out that to improve the situation, we should first monitor it somehow. Only how? Tools for statistical code analysis (Sonar, checkstyle, fxcop) give some idea about code quality, yet this is not enough as they cannot picture the situation at ...

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IoT integration solutions in water governance

06.06.2016, Author: Marcin Sieprawski, Categories: Internet of Things

Internet of Things integration solutions in water governance, decision making and crisis management.

This article is an abstract of Marcin Sieprawski talk on COWM2016 - International Conference on Citizen Observatories for Water Management Conference in Venice, 7-9 June 2016

The Internet of Things (IoT) – digitizing the physical world – creates pivotal benefits in all sectors of world's economy, water management domain is not an exception. However, integration and interoperability between IoT systems is critically important to capturing maximum value [1]. IoT solutions have been applied in Citizen Observatories (COs) created in EU-funded project WeSenseIt, which develops tools and technologies supporting COs in water management, decision making and emergency response [2,3]. This paper will demonstrate the significance of IoT integration and scalable ...

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