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Home Sweet Home

25.07.2016, Author: Piotr Jachimczak, Categories: Agile Development

What inspired me to write this post was a tour of a company I’ve recently returned from. It involved a range of SCRUM training sessions that brought up my philosophical, if not existential mood ;)

Metaphor of a House

It is an allegory that I like to quote to make the young agile cadets aware of the difference between the “agile” approach and the “heavyweight” methods. It also lets them realise why, despite the simple principles, the application of “agile” frameworks may be very difficult at the start.

Speaking of starting: let’s begin with an illustration, where a project turns into a house. Every “heavyweight” method offers you a single type of a house, moreover, a fully furnished one ...

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Do you know how to select nearshoring partner?

21.07.2016, Author: Leszek Czarnota, Categories: Business

Are you SME that wants to benefit from IT Outsourcing?

Importance of IT for business success of company is constantly increasing. New trends like “digital business” create the pressure on extending capacity of IT resources even more persistent. No surprise that many companies want to enter IT Outsourcing (ITO) market looking for promised benefits. Their motives vary from saving costs, finding required skills or simply finding any programmers at all when talent is missing on their own market. Not those motives but the way to select an nearshoring partner is the subject of this entry.

Note that I will be looking at the selection process of partner not for short/medium term staff augmentation. In this second case you can ...

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Crisis is apparently out of crisis

11.07.2016, Author: Piotr Jachimczak, Categories: Agile Development

Our process of deployment

Apocalyptic visions continue. This time we will cover our (quite) complex process of deploying new functionalities. Our SCRUM sprints cover only development and testing in developer environments deployments. The rest of the process looks more or less like this (slightly simplified):

For those who don’t feel like analysing the complexities of the diagram above, I give a list of the more interesting properties of the process:

1.  it’s complicated, and a passing it takes a very long time (on average, about a month)

2.  what flows through the process are new versions of system components, and a new functionality usually requires changes in multiple components

3.  a fair share of the ...

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