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Coitus interruptus or a shoot from the hip at architecture

10.08.2016, Author: Piotr Jachimczak, Categories: Agile Development

Today’s episode will be devoted to planning, analysis, and building architecture.

Workshops vs grooming

The tasks of our team can generally be divided into two categories:

  • error correction, minor streamlining and modification, building small components,
  • building large components, functionality groups (i.e., something akin to a project).

In our work besides Sprint Planning we also use grooming (or what the latest SCRUM guide calls Product Backlog refinement). It usually takes us 4 hours in a 2-week sprint. And this is where the problem, or, rather, a handful of problems connected to the grooming of large components surfaced:

  • 4 hours is certainly too short a time to “develop” a large component well. This elicited something the team called “coitus interruptus ...
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