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Top 10 mistakes made by companies that use software development

11.12.2017, Author: Software Mind, Categories: Business

There are many great reasons to take advantage of software development outsourcing – ranging from the flexibility it offers, easy access to skilled specialists to possible time and money savings. However, not all companies will be able to benefit from it – they will make mistakes on their outsourcing journey that will give them all sorts of headaches. Don’t get discouraged, though. All you have to do is learn from their mistakes rather than your own ones! Today, we’re talking about some of the biggest mistakes that keep companies from leveraging the power of outsourcing.

Why some companies fail to benefit from all the advantages of software development outsourcing, getting frustrated and discouraged in the process? That’s because, just ...

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What is the perfect software house for a startup?

04.12.2017, Author: Software Mind, Categories: Business

A startup is a very special type of businesses. One that has unique needs at every stage of its growth – from inception, through constant experimenting with its value proposition, through difficult and often very surprising (even for its own funders!) software development. For a startup, hiring an external team of developers seems like a great idea due to the flexibility this strategy offers. That is, of course, if this external team really understands what a startup needs and how they can best help it to blossom into a successful product.

As if searching for a software house itself wasn’t difficult enough already! Considering the unique nature of startups, it’s even more difficult for their founders to find the ...

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