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Figuring Out the Polish Software Developer

31.01.2018, Author: Software Mind, Categories: Business

A Non-Obvious Guide to Software Development Outsourcing

Every time someone considers offshore software development as a serious alternative, they take a look at possible destinations, waging factors such as rates, time zones or development quality against one another. It needs to be done. But there are many more factors adding to your next outsourced project’s success. Some of them are not easy to measure and are thus underestimated by decision makers. Let’s talk about cultural differences that impact software development from the perspective we know best – the Polish software developer.

Before we get to the nitty-gritty of what being a Polish software developer really means, we owe you an explanation.

On many occasions, we talked about the importance ...

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7 extremely promising fintech fields to explore in 2018

18.01.2018, Author: Software Mind, Categories: Business

Fintech is without a doubt one of the most exciting (and profitable) places to be in the world of new technologies. Hundreds of innovative products are being released every year to make it easier to pay, lend, save, secure, invest or manage money for both individual and business clients. Many of those products gain trust of millions of people and investors. But the most exciting fact is that it’s just a beginning.

When it comes to dealing with money, we are at a crossroads. Sure, the fintech industry is already really, really big. According to data by PitchBook, global venture investment in this field reached $17.4 billion in 2016[1], while the number digital banking users (essentially, a ...

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Can software development outsourcing work for small businesses?

12.01.2018, Author: Software Mind, Categories: Business

The power of “it depends”

There are few topics as controversial as software development outsourcing. That is because each company going for it stands to either gain or lose a lot – depending on many factors. Although the cliché non-answer “it depends” fits the title question quite well, it’s still far from being satisfying. To make up for it, let’s go deeper and find out what it exactly depends on – why small businesses should or should not outsource, what to outsource specifically, how and to whom.

As the global IT spending increases, reaching new, mind-boggling heights[1], so does the size of software outsourcing industry. It is true for both large and small companies. According to the State of ...

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