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UX and UI Guidelines for Building a Better Sports Betting Experience





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UX and UI Guidelines for Building a Better Sports Betting Experience

Published: 2023/11/09

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Sports betting is a popular and lucrative industry that attracts millions of users worldwide, with the global sports betting market size estimated to increase by $143 billion USD from 2021 to 2026 and the market’s growth momentum accelerating at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.68% during the forecast period, according to Technavio.

Creating a successful sports betting platform or application is a challenging task that requires a deep understanding of user needs, preferences and behaviors, as well as the latest market trends and technologies. Historically speaking, offshore gambling websites have primarily focused on simply ‘staying alive’ rather than on delivering a great user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design. Now that sports betting has been legalized in many European countries and over 30 US states, consumers are increasingly looking for an excellent UX design with a simple and intuitive way to place bets. Users also expect to immediately understand all the different types of bets they can place when using an application or a platform. In some cases, if they are not experienced enough, they require a basic understanding of how sports betting works.

This article, based on Software Mind’s experience in sports betting software services, focuses on the main UX and UI guidelines for building a better sports betting experience. These principles will help you stand out from the competition, increase user satisfaction and ultimately boost retention.

The importance of a personalized UX

One of the methods to enhance user engagement and retention is to provide a personalized UX design. People participating in sports betting have different preferences and behaviors, as some users might favor certain sports, markets or types of bets over others. There are bettors who might be more risk-averse or adventurous than others, while some may be more interested in analysis than their peers. Therefore, you need to use data and analytics to customize your content, offers and recommendations to each user’s profile, interests and history. By incorporating personalized elements, you can significantly improve user experience and foster a more engaging and satisfying experience for people interacting with your project.

One way to take advantage of a bespoke UX would be to show the most popular or trending bets in users’ favorite sports by implementing features like My Stats, My Events and My Favorites. You can also suggest bets based on their previous activity or performance and offer personalized bonuses or rewards that match their level of engagement or loyalty, incorporating them in a My Rewards feature. These elements summarize a user’s betting history, performance, interests, and pay-offs, which enable them to better manage their betting activities.

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Be more newbie-friendly

One of the challenges that you need to overcome is to make your platform or application user-friendly for beginners. Sports betting can be intimidating and confusing for newbies, especially if they are not familiar with the terminology, rules and strategies involved. Therefore, you need to apply this level of consideration to every aspect of your site, such as navigation, layout, design and content. Make it easy for users to find what they want, like, for example, how to place bets and withdraw winnings. Provide clear and concise instructions, explanations and tips throughout the user journey. Utilize simple and consistent language and avoid jargon or abbreviations that might confuse people. An important suggestion would be to use icons instead of text for indicating different sports and markets

Think about compliance and security

Another essential factor that needs to be taken into consideration is compliance and security management. With high stakes involved, users must trust that their personal data and financial information are safe and that the site is following applicable laws and regulations. However, you also need to avoid making the registration and verification process too cumbersome or intrusive. Users might abandon your site if they have to fill out long forms, upload documents or wait for days to get approval. That’s why you need to integrate compliance and security features without being restrictive. Use reliable and secure payment methods and encryption technologies. Implement identity verification methods that are fast and easy, such as biometrics or SMS codes. Display trust badges or certificates that show that your site is licensed and regulated by reputable authorities.

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Provide transparent payments and payouts

Payments and payouts are another crucial aspect of sports betting that can affect user satisfaction and loyalty. Bettors want to know how much they can win, how long it will take to receive their money and what payment methods are available. Consequently, you need to provide transparent and consistent information about the odds, fees, taxes and withdrawal times. Show users the potential payout before they place a bet. Provide a variety of payment options that suit different user preferences and locations. Process withdrawals fast and notify users when their money is ready. Avoid hidden charges or delays that might frustrate users or make them feel cheated.

Care for the community

Sports betting is not only about winning money, but also about having fun and socializing with other fans. Users want to feel that they are part of a community that shares their passion for sports betting. As such, you need to incorporate features that allow users to interact with each other, such as chat rooms, web forums, leaderboards and contests, as well as enable users to follow or challenge each other. Additionally, you can also create a gamified experience that rewards users for their participation or achievements. Leveraging social media platforms as a means to connect with your users and encourage them to share their opinions or experiences with your site is also a smart strategy.

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Apply a mobile-first mindset

The final factor that you need to consider when applying UX and UI guidelines is the mobile-first mindset. To meet the demands of users who want to access sports betting at any time and place, particularly while watching live events, it is crucial to design your platform or application with mobile devices in mind. The design should ensure that a platform is responsive, fast and easy to use on mobile devices’ screens by optimizing the layout, content and functionality. This includes reducing loading times and data consumption through compression or caching methods. Remember that providing features such as push notifications, geolocation services, or voice commands can significantly enhance the mobile experience.


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UX and UI in sports betting makes a difference

The highlighted UX and UI guidelines for building better sports betting platforms are based on Software Mind research and analysis of the best practices and examples in the industry, which significantly assist in creating a successful sports betting platform or application that can attract, engage and retain users. If you need more help or advice with the UX and UI of your sports betting platform, contact our sports betting development experts by using this form.

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