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In a digital age, where cybersecurity and identity management are some of the biggest challenges companies face, a trustworthy partner can shield you against security threats and develop forward-thinking solutions that evolve with your business.

In addition to integrating Identity Management Systems, we help manage security systems and conduct comprehensive security audits. With years of cybersecurity experience, our team of developers and engineers can ensure your customers’ safety and secure your business.

What do we do?

Integrate Identity Management Systems
Benefit from a fully customized Identity Management System tailored to your needs or integrate an established, out-of-the-box solution – like Single Sign On (SSO), multi-factor authentication, enterprise authenticator chains and strong authorization for sensitive data sharing.
Apply Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) using blockchain
Leverage blockchain technology to guarantee the authenticity of data and change your identity and credential management model from centralized client-server to a decentralized peer-to-peer model.
Manage security systems
Integrate security management systems dedicated to physical security access control. Manage a complex physical security ecosystem holistically from one central, easy-to-use console.
Incorporate new systems and modernize legacy solutions
Take advantage of technology that encrypts logs, manages communications between systems and focuses on system integrations and architectural refactoring – with all security aspects taken care of during integration. Delegate authentication and authorization to sidekick using a modern architecture approach (Mesh) and release your application from redundant code.
Oversee digital services & platform audits
Detect microservices' bottlenecks, weaknesses and vulnerabilities to optimize and bullet-proof your architecture. Implement essential architectural guidelines and key recommendations for future digital services development.
Conduct a thorough security audit
Verify your web application's secure coding requirements, check for exposures and protect your company and clients against security exploitation. Adhere to the highest security practices and standards like OWASP Guidelines. Improve your software development life cycle and add SAST, DAST, and IAST technologies to your pipeline.
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Who we’ve helped

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The value we deliver

Trustworthy and experienced security experts
Our team of developers, engineers and security professionals have years of experience developing solutions and a proven track record of successful implementations.
Solutions suited to your needs
Understanding multiple security aspects, frameworks, innovative technologies and advanced tools enables our team to develop solutions that drive your business.
Seamless knowledge transfers
A thorough knowledge transfer handled by our experts guarantees that your team will understand how to properly run and manage the most complex systems developed or integrated.
Consultancy that supports your business
Our specialists’ advice on the optimal solution from a technical and business point of view will drive your company’s growth. Enhance and optimize your security to ensure your customers’ safety.

Our Technologies

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OpenID Connect
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OpenID Connect Discovery
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OpenID Connect Client-Initiated Backchannel Authentication (CIBA)
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Mobile Connect v 1.1, 2.0
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Mobile Connect Profile Device Initiated v2.3
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Mobile Connect Profile Server Initiated v1.0
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OAuth 2.0
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SAML 2.0
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DID authentication
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NTLM v2.0
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RESTful Services
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RabbitMQ / ActiveMQ
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Spring Boot / Spring Cloud / Reactive
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LogStash / ElasticSearch / Kibana / Grafana / Prometheus
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Hazelcast / EhCache / Redis
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Mutual SSL
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OpenLdap / OpenDj
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Talend Data Integration Studio

Case studies


Modernization and development of an identity management system


Co-developing a global authorization solution for a telecom industry leader

Identity and access management
Germany, Netherlands, Croatia, Hungary, Poland and other EU countries

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