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Whether you need to shorten time-to-market, carry out a digital transformation, or simply expand development capacity and capability, our experienced, dedicated software development teams ensure smooth sailing.

Choose dedicated software development teams to:

Improve and accelerate software development
Increase IT flexibility and scalability
Speed up digital transformation
Enhance product quality
Optimize costs without sacrificing value
Boost productivity and adaptability
Concentrate on core business goals

To oversee and deliver your entire project, we provide the full range of roles needed for development and management. You have the option to keep all business-related duties or trust our autonomous team with experienced business analyst to handle tasks for you.

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Our dedicated development teams deliver peace of mind

Effective scalability

We take care of recruitment, employee training and retention to let you scale smoothly and with minimal involvement.

Seamless development management

You can leave day-to-day management to us and focus on what really matters – strategic goals and growing your business.

Access to top talents

With more than 401,000 developers in Poland, you can rest assured we provide the skills you need.

Cultural fit

Choosing Poland ensures mutual understanding, which is an essential factor in achieving high productivity and effective cooperation.

Best practices and know-how

We have compiled 20+ years of experience into a toolbox - a set of best practices that we can use to improve your SDLC process.

Knowledge retention

Having an average attrition rate of <12% for 4 consecutive last years and proven ways of knowledge management reduces the risks related to loss of domain expertise.

Build your delivery center in Poland with us:

First, we learn what your software development needs are (customers, architecture, codebase, team setup, project management approach, etc.).

Next, we introduce the development team with the right experience and skills. These specialists are in-house people, not external contractors or new hires, because we like to have trusted, battle-tested experts.

1. Proof of Concept

Rather than jumping straight into the deep end, we suggest starting with a smaller team to foster mutual trust and prove our value. To lower your risks, we offer a Try & Buy option – use this contact form to learn more.

2. Scale Up phase

Our Delivery Manager works closely with your Head of Development to build a team around our A-Players that lets you focus on your core business.

We handle the development tasks, work management, knowledge sharing and retention. Having a lower attrition rate than the market standard, we know how to retain engaged employees, and we use our best practices to ensure you will work with stable teams.

Over time our cooperation can expand on multiple projects. At this stage our clients treat us as a remote delivery center.

What should you look for in a dedicated development team?

The increasing need to deliver software solutions at a faster pace is a pressure all companies face. That’s why turning to a dedicated software development team is not just a way to keep pace, but an opportunity to get ahead of the pack. Combining your business knowledge with the technical skills of dedicated engineering team boosts your capacity to deploy the software your customers want, and employees can’t do without. But a dedicated software development team does much more than accelerate software delivery life cycles. Using the support of a dedicated development team enables you to get the expert advice, fresh pair of eyes and unvarnished truths that are essential to developing scalable, intuitive and evolutive software. But what should you look for when deciding to hire a dedicated software development team?

Before hiring a dedicated development team, you’ll no doubt look for a software partner that has a track record of supporting companies and projects like yours. While proven success in your industry will give you confidence in their abilities, what’s really important to look for is experience with a range of tools, languages and technologies. Any partnership with an external dedicated development team should be for the long-term, as this will deliver the added benefits of reliability, close bonds and institutional knowledge of your company. Onboarding a partner is an investment (both in terms of time and money), so the most cost-effective approach is to find a dedicated software development team to work with you long-term. 

Nowadays a dedicated development team, especially a remote team, must be agile. Not just because the project scope of a development project will probably change, but because agile methodology boosts the chances of success. Making sure external dedicated teams have the flexibility, scalability and project management tools to evolve with your growth is paramount. Unforeseen issues crop up, markets change and customers’ expectations evolve. Partnering with a dedicated software development team that not only reacts to new realities, but also anticipates future needs, is a distinct competitive advantage. 

Additionally, since ‘Agile’ has become a buzzword across industries, you should do your research and find out if this is true. Without going through a software developer’s use cases, it should be easy to determine their promise and evaluate whether this can be backed up. Check out our Agile Toolbox – we’re happy to explain how we use Agile methodology to support our clients. 

If you hire a dedicated development team, you want to make sure everyone involved, from project management to software developers, fits your company’s culture. Since every company has a unique culture, based on internal values and specific market realities, it is crucial to partner with external software developers that are open to diverse ways of working, tools, strategies and attitudes. A true partner should not only listen and respect your ideas but question them. A dedicated development team that lacks creativity and is close-minded could do more harm than good. Software development is constantly evolving, so being open to methods and opinions ensures that the best ideas are acted on, regardless of where they came from.

To hire a dedicated development team means to transfer key responsibilities, often involving core development, to an external software developer. It is therefore vital to trust an external dedicated team  to be dependable and accountable as regards their roles in the software development life cycle. Engineers, developers, testers, essentially all team members, must fully understand your business and combine this insight with their technical skills to deliver a scalable solution that addresses current needs and anticipates future opportunities.  

Partnering with a software development company that has the capacity and elasticity to accommodate the type of team best suited to your needs is key. Do you want a fully autonomous team to work independently of your in-house software developers? Do you envision an augmentation of your internal team that will see complete integration with an external dedicated development team? Or a hybrid approach that is customized for your situation? These are issues worth considering when selecting your software outsourcing provider – can they provide a range of options, not a one-size-fits-all dedicated team approach? 

The project scope of any goal requires a tailor-made approach and a project management strategy designed for a specific software development project – no two are exactly alike. 

Your project manager should be surrounded by a dedicated team of developers who understand the short-term goals and long-term possibilities of the software they are engineering. The dedicated team should bring a range of experience, perspectives and skills that drive the development process and ensure quality assurance. 

Hiring a dedicated team should not be seen as a simple replacement of your in-house specialists, but rather as an enhancement of your capacity. Dedicated software engineers augment the skills you have and free up your resources to focus on your core business initiatives. 

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