Enterprise Investors to accelerate the growth of Software Mind

We are proud to announce that Software Mind, a Polish leading software house, has just gained a new investor. A private equity fund managed by Enterprise Investors will invest EUR 25 million in our company, acquiring a 50.2% stake in the business.

Enterprise Investors is one of the largest private equity firms in Central and Eastern Europe. Active since 1990, the firm has raised nine funds with total capital exceeding EUR 2.5 billion. These funds have invested EUR 2 billion in 146 companies across a range of sectors, and exited 134 companies with total gross proceeds of EUR 4.1 billion. To date, EI-managed funds have invested EUR 112.5 million in 17 companies operating in the IT sector, including AVG Technologies and BLStream of intive.

Software Mind (part of Ailleron Group) establishes long-term partnerships with clients, helping them to scale their dynamically growing businesses. It has a strong track record in supporting the digital transformation of companies around the world by merging with their in-house R&D teams and working on product development, as well as new channels of communication with the clients’ customers.

Getting on board with such an excellent and reliable partner will enable us to grow even faster. Our long-term goal is to deliver a unique skillset at scale. We create close relationships with our partners, we provide teams that build solutions running at the technological heart of their businesses. The invested funds will allow us to quickly obtain new competencies and markets, growing organically, but also through acquisitions. We have doubled our business over the last 2.5 years and that was just the beginning of our growth journey” – said Grzegorz Młynarczyk, co-founder & CEO of Software Mind.

The management team remains the same, committed to bringing even more value for our clients and growing the company over the next years.


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