Financial software development 

Learn why Fintech needs a proper Software Mind

For years we have been focused on helping financial institutions utilize technology to achieve competitive advantages.

You don’t need to tell us that financial software development is unique and requires sensitive data management. We understand it instinctively. And we are prepared.

Combining comprehensive expertise with cross-sector experience, we partner with our clients to provide them with the crucial fintech software development services they need to achieve their goals.

Tailor-made financial software development
300+ projects successfully developed for financial industry players around the world.
Product design
From ideation to rewarding user experience.
Learn more about our process
Digital transformation of financial services
From service digitalization to monolith decomposition.
Learn how we do it
Big Data & AI
Transform Big Data sets into useful business insights with Artificial Intelligence.
Cloud and SaaS solution
Crafting cloud native apps and transferring legacy to cloud without compromising security.
Open Banking Integration
Adopt Open Banking solutions to enter the world of financial innovations.

We partner with leading financial services providers:

a fintech-oriented partner:

Major part of our clients are financial services providers.
We provide financial software development services in compliance with the most restrictive safety regulations and security requirements.
Over the years we cooperated with established financial market leaders and disruptive fintech start-ups.

Software development services tailored for finance


Enhanced Security

Security officer, information security policy, secured workplace


External audits

Subject to examination based on SOC 2 Type II and custom audits of our clients


Stable Environment

As a part of the European Union, we are in compliance with all EU regulations including GDPR


Financial Security

Part of Ailleron group, listed on Warsaw stock exchange (WSE: ALL)


Employee Vetting

Criminal and financial background checking for employer and third parties


Intellectual Property (IPR)

Every line of code is your property, it’s obvious for us


Thanks to combining an agile approach with quality and security built into the process you get
FinTech dynamics done in a safe way.

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Jacek Szmatka
Head of Digital Transformations and Software Consulting
Kamil Piekarz
Software Delivery Director
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