Guide to Software Development Outsourcing

Make the first step towards software development outsourcing under guidance of an experienced partner

Outsourcing can provide you more than additional resources

It can be a breath of fresh air for your company, with benefits ranging from small technical improvements and new development tools to major improvements / re-engineering of your software development life cycle. However, in order to actually benefit from it, you need to make a lot of smart decisions – from the moment you decide to seek outsourcing services, through the entire duration of the cooperation.

We’re a trusted software development outsourcing company with Polish roots and a global reach. Equipped with know-how and experience accumulated over the last 23 years we can navigate you through:

  • 1.
    Kickstarting the cooperation
  • 2.
    Choosing the ideal cooperation model
  • 3.
    Transferring knowledge
  • 4.
    Establishing ways of working
  • 5.
    Managing day-to-day progress
  • 6.
    Expanding the partnership to remote delivery centers
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Let us share some of our useful tips with you anyway:

Always go for teams, not individuals.

Leasing individuals may sometimes be a good way to start, but in the long run it leads to problems with lack of responsibility, sense of belonging and high attrition rate.

Take care of proper paperwork.

If you need some help with with paperwork feel free to use our non disclousure agreement and master service agreement templates.

Be wary when they promise you to bring ANY number of great specialists ANY time you want. It sounds fishy.

Great talents do not sit on the bench waiting for work to come their way, they like to be on the field.

Take into account your employees buy-in.

Introduce outsourcing properly to them and address their fears and doubts. Ultimately success depends on good cooperation between the employees of both parties.

Project knowledge transfer is very important, but it’s not everything.

Be sure that outsourced team members truly understand your business by introducing them to your organization the same way you would introduce your own new employees (you can even reuse some starter training packages). Onsite workshops are also very helpful.

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What software development outsourcing can help you with

While software outsourcing solves more problems than just talent shortages, some of its benefits are considered more valuable than others and thus are main drivers for companies that to turn to software outsourcing providers. So, what are the main benefits you can get thanks to your cooperation with an outsourced team?

With talent shortages being one of the biggest challenges in the world of technology, the possibility to access a wider talent pool and grow development teams fast and effectively is one of the biggest competitive advantages companies can have. When a market opportunity appears, whether that’s a big customer who requires customization of your product, a niche that you’ve discovered that requires building a new product from scratch, or simply adjusting your system, the faster the delivery the bigger chances of success. At the same time, it’s not enough to move fast, the software you’re delivering should be of the highest quality. And that’s exactly why companies choose to outsource software development. The ideal company is usually located in a place with a big talent pool to hire from, has established proven practices for retaining the best specialists and experience that enables you to deliver software rapidly and effectively. Cooperation with a reliable software development company helps you gain enough momentum to outrun your competition.

While outsourcing your software development is an exceptionally effective way to grow your development capacity, it also allows you to have much more flexibility than in the case of internal hires. The Time & Materials contract was created to facilitate agile cooperation with an external development company and delivers peace of mind that no matter how long the project and what pivots will be required, you will always have a team that suits your needs. Whether that means expanding it with people who have particular, often niche, competences for a short period of time only, ramping up or down when you need to accelerate or slow down, or simply altering the direction and adapting your team’s structure – when it comes to flexibility, an in-house team is no match to an outsourced team.

Modern development projects are usually extremely complex and require close cooperation between business and development departments. And cooperation with a software house is a battle-tested method to ensure high work effectiveness in such a demanding environment. A reliable software development company not only hires top-notch specialists, as that’s their main differentiator on the market, but also has extensive experience gathered over numerous projects in diverse environments. This allows such companies to fit right into your realities and help maximize your development. Whether that means planning the development process from scratch or using an unbiased point of view, combined with accumulated experience, to locate bottlenecks in your delivery and find solutions that help boost your effectiveness, cooperation with a reliable partner provides much more than the lines of code written by developers.

Last but not leastcost-effectiveness. Not cost-reduction, cost-effectiveness. Software outsourcing is a valid way of spending limited resources effectively and should be treated this way, not as a “cheaper alternativesince that’s the only way to get the most out of it. Clearly, looking for the best specialists in one of the top software outsourcing destinations is usually related to reducing hiring costs while maintaining quality, but all the above-described elements combine for the final value that outsourcing software development brings, thus it’s best to consider it as a whole. That’s why, when looking for an outsourcing services provider you should consider more than the price, to obtain all the benefits and maximize your ROI.

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