A practical guide to onboarding a software outsourcing partner


Given talent shortages and fierce competition, it’s no wonder that the IT outsourcing market in the US is expected to reach $410.2 billion USD by 2027. How can you ensure your investment exceeds your expectations from the early stages of a partnership? Get tried and tested best practices and learn how to onboard a software outsourcing partner in 3 easy-to-follow phases.

A practical guide to onboarding a software outsourcing partner


Read this guide and learn how to:

  • Tell the difference between a software vendor and a true IT partner

    Find out what to expect when you contact a software outsourcing company – from a rundown of each stage of talks to the specific documentation you’ll need to fill out.

  • Establish meaningful cooperation with a software development company

    Get a sneak peek at what collaborating with external developers looks like, from team setup through project management to monitoring progress.
  • Build lasting relationships with a software outsourcing team

    Check out how onboarding workshops, knowledge sharing activities and in-person meetings foster effective cooperation and efficient processes.
  • Leverage the insights and strategies of external experts to drive long-term growth

    Get best practices from experts with experience in managing software engineering teams, driving digital transformation and addressing product challenges.
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