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How do we work?

1. Discovery phase

Every initiative starts with a discovery workshop that sets the scene for a business idea, outlines the goals we want to achieve and the hypothesis we want to verify and generates an initial product feature backlog. These workshops are meant to collect, validate and prioritize the assumptions for a new product.

2. Ideation and wireframing

During the second phase we create a prototype and test the solution(s) together with end users, employing proven methodologies like Design Sprint, Event Storming, Game Storming and others.

3. Product Development

Based on the established requirements and design, we start developing the Minimum Viable Product using Agile methodologies to ensure a short feedback loop. Having quality in mind we guarantee high stability and maintainability of the application.

4. Deployment

Following best DevOps practises allows us to deploy the product almost immediately after the development is done while maintaining the highest stability standards.

5. Measuring and refinements

Once the system goes live, we start measuring the impact on end users, gathering statistics on system usage from monitoring, comparing between groups of users (A/B tests) and based on that draw conclusions to refine the product.

How will you and your product benefit from working with our team?


Our teams are built around A-Players.

We select tools & technologies based on the problem that needs to be solved and the environment they are to be used in, instead of doing it the other way around.


We don't need hand-holding.

Just treat us like part of your team. Give us a goal and we will take care of everything. Information gathering, communication, development, tests and deployments are on us. We make sure that everyone knows what we’re doing and the right people know how the stuff we created works.


We keep your IPR safe.

Every line of code we write is a line of code you own. It’s that simple.

Poland, as an EU member, has been serious about IP protection and data security for years, so our developers understand our clients’ safety requirements. To protect your data, we also have an internal Security Officer, run background checks on our employees and hold SOC 2 Type 2 certification.


Perfect combination of UX/UI, design and development skills.

Over the years we have learned how to perfectly combine UX/UI, design and development skills to ensure smooth work progress and a complete understanding between all project participants and stakeholders. To see our best practices, check out our Toolbox.


Agile work with investors.

We know that investors want to see results on a frequent basis. Our iterative work methodology allows us to regularly deploy subsequent parts to present progress as often as possible.


Let us choose the best techniques and technologies:

Design Sprint, Event Storming, Game Storming, Lean Startup, Scrum, Kanban, Java, .Net, Python, Node.js, Angular, React, Vue, Android, iOS, React Native, PWA, AWS, Azure, GCP, Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform, SQL, AI, Big data, data science, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, Feature Toggles, Canary Releases, DevOps mindset, Octopus deploy, Puppet, Docker, Rancher, Kubernetes, Bamboo CI, TeamCity, Jenkins, Terraform, Ansible, PCF, Kafka,

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Types of product engineering services we specialize in

While there are no two identical projects or companies, over the years, the main focus of our product engineering services has been on these 4 broad areas:

Since running a successful business without an online presence nowadays is near impossible, it’s clear why companies all over the world invest in web apps to reach a wider audience with their products and services. But that’s not the whole story. More and more successful businesses rely on bespoke software products internally to ensure that their tools provide them with exactly what they need, rather than adapting business process to what off-the-shelf systems demand.

Whether you aim to deliver your clients an exceptional web-based experience or boost the effectiveness of your internal operations through a custom web app, our software engineering services can help you reach your goals. For years, we have helped our clients develop secure, stable and scalable web apps by employing cutting-edge technologies and modern architectural solutions based on microservices.

We have worked on fintech solutions that require extreme security, healthcare systems that handle enormous amounts of sensitive data, innovative deep-linking platforms, complex payment systems that demand 24/7 availability, core telco platforms that utilize future-proof technologies – and that’s just to name a few. Choosing our software engineering services will allow you to make the maximize technology and create state-of-the-art web apps that will drive your business to the next level!

With more than 6 billion smartphone users, it’s no surprise that worldwide mobile app revenue is expected to continue its growth and reach around $952 billion in 2023 (Statista). This clearly indicates that the time when one could focus on web apps only is long gone, and successful businesses need to design their software for all kinds of devices.

As a part of our software engineering services, we provide comprehensive mobile engineering services. Whether you need to develop a mobile app only or want to simultaneously work on web and mobile versions of your software product, years of cross-industry experience enables us to provide you with the necessary guidance and experience. Our team can be responsible for the whole process from the discovery phase, through ideation, wireframing, mockups, development, product testing and deployment up to measuring and refining post-release.

The reason why more and more companies rely on cloud-based software is simple – it’s reliable, scalable, cost-effective, and allows you to accelerate development speed. All this makes your software products not only reach the market faster, but also became more adaptable to changing conditions.

But making the most of cloud technology requires a team with knowledge and experience that will not fall into the trap of jumping on the bandwagon of the newest cloud technologies but rather, employs solutions that truly match your needs. Experienced with Azure, AWS and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), we can help you navigate through the world of cloud-based solutions and provide software engineering services that leverage all the cloud and DevOps approach advantages.

The software market is one of the most competitive ones, and to get ahead of the competition, companies need to stand out. Innovation is key to the long-term sustainable growth of any business. However, implementing innovative solutions requires broad expertise to effectively use of them to gain an edge.

Our product engineering teams consist of domain experts who have devoted hours to expanding their knowledge and battle-testing it in real-life scenarios. This allows them to effectively employ innovative solutions in product engineering projects for our clients. But what precisely do we have in mind? You may, for example, want to gather and turn enormous amounts of data into actionable insights to boost the efficiency of your business processes or improve the user experience through machine learning solutions. While we can’t predict what your goal will be, if it can be developed – we’re up to the task!

Case studies


Long-term strategic partnership with a leading business intelligence company

Data Intelligence

Creating first B2C product for a B2B financial company

Financial Services

Transforming smart business idea into scalable web application

Sustainability Consultancy

Developing a complex payment system from scratch to create a new revenue stream for our client

Payment Processing

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