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Empower your organization with AI and digital tools to maximize the output of your R&D.

Biotechnology & healthcare software development solutions that get results

Biotechnology & healthcare companies are leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) advancements to drive their digital transformations. From experiment and patient data governance to integration, analytics and development of advanced AI solutions – Software Mind guides companies through implementation challenges, tailors strategies to specific needs and builds customized solutions.

Our biotechnology & healthcare
software development services

Drug discovery dedicated software

Augment your data-driven discovery with the latest software tools, including ML and AI solutions. Customize features, optimize performance and implement security measures that exceed industry standards. 

R&D of data processing, analytics and visualization tools

Securely store and access data from large-scale, high throughput experiments or small-scale biological assays. Use visualization tools and advanced predictive analytics to support your drug discovery and development process.

Custom generative AI tailored to your data and goals

Incorporate advanced, innovative deep learning and generative algorithm models to speed up and augment your drug discovery process and increase diagnostic accuracy.

Experiment with patient data governance, integration and protection

Bring order, ease of access and top-notch security to your data. Whether managing highly sensitive patient data or conducting experiments that lead to new breakthroughs, benefit from secure, interconnected and accessible data.

Bioinformatics software development and customization

Turn your algorithm or idea to process biological data into answers. Scale up your team with experts and turn your vision, or prototype, into a tool that will take you to your next discovery quickly and reliably.

Embedded software development for diagnostics and medical devices

Maximize the latest measurement equipment and diagnostic devices with tailored solutions that deliver value in the design, delivery and maintenance stages of life science and medical applications. 

Modernize legacy data management and analytics, including in-house clusters

Stop losing resources on repeated experiments and give your team access to all your research. Operationalize vast amounts of experimental data, of all types, to make informed decisions that empower your business.

Benefits of biotech and healthcare software development

Efficient development of software dedicated to drug discovery processes  

AI-enhanced knowledge aggregation 

Generative algorithms that guide therapeutics development 

Secure data integration and governance 

Insights from diverse datasets overlaid with knowledge 

Organizations that benefit from our
healthcare & biotech IT solutions

Drug discovery companies

Firms seeking to enhance their research & development process with artificial intelligence.

Biotechnology companies

Businesses looking for digital transformations that include data integration, governance, security improvements and advanced analytics.

Contract research organizations

Groups wanting to deliver data analysis tools to their clients, along with performed experiments.

Medical device and research equipment

Manufacturers aiming to develop embedded or complimentary software for their products.

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Why outsource biotech & healthcare software development to Software Mind?


We efficiently deliver software tailored to your and your client's needs while you focus on your business.

Data-driven approach

We ensure you can govern your data and build solutions capturing biology and chemistry of your company’s unique approach to drug development.

Cross-functional expertise

We assemble teams of experts with knowledge and experience to perform complex projects involving software development, data analysis, predictive analytics, and visualization.

Full SDLC support

We carry out the burdens of testing and documentation, while following compliance according to regulations for medical devices, patient data handling and the most recent security recommendations.

Healthcare and biotechnology insights

Get expert advice and best practices on developing healthcare and biotechnology solutions.

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Biotech & Healthcare Software Development 

Which AI tools are best suited for drug discovery stages?

A range of software tools can be useful in the drug discovery process. You can implement artificial intelligence in software tools to aggregate and prioritize research papers your scientists need to read so they can make faster progress. Advanced algorithms for data analysis can help your researchers better understand the results of high-throughput experiments. AI can be utilized to overlay vast amounts of knowledge already accessible in public domain databases and add more context to the experiments you are running in your lab.

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