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For more than a decade now, the adoption of new technologies has been one of the key factors in determining a business’s success. Many businesses fail because they don’t adopt technologies fast enough, and they fall behind their competition. Likewise, many businesses survive and thrive primarily through using custom software and cutting-edge technologies.

We are a bespoke software development company that has helped many businesses, across sectors, expand their reach and increase their revenues through custom software development. Below, you can learn all the ways our software house can help your business.

Cut costs and make your business competitive
digitize various processes, increase your employees' productivity and improve cost efficiency
Enter new markets
Increase the reach of your business with future-proof custom software. Cutting-edge technology can help you expand vertically and enter entirely new markets
Make Your Business More Resilient
Businesses that rely on bespoke software are more resilient and adaptable to market changes.
Boost Productivity
Digitization enables your business to fully leverage remote work through many advanced management tactics.
Increase Profit
By helping your business access new markets, making it more resilient and boosting its productivity, bespoke software is one of the best ways to increase your profit margins.

Introduction to bespoke software

The business world is extremely competitive, and usually, the breakaway success stories are firms who introduce a new product/service, have a really innovative business process, or come up with a way to provide a service far cheaper than the competition, at the same time ensuring stability and security. If your business doesn't stand out, it’s very hard for it to succeed.

A great way companies can stand out, create better processes, or complement their unique business model is through bespoke software. Bespoke software, as its name implies, is custom software developed specifically for a company and its needs.

Bespoke software systems are extremely versatile and aren’t only about performing specific tasks for a company. Your company might want a bespoke finance software system to help with accounting, another company may require bespoke software to serve specific clients. A bespoke software system can be a mobile app, a desktop app, or a hybrid. A bespoke program can be as simple or as complex as you want it. There’s almost no limit.

You should definitely consider investing in a bespoke software solution if you want to gain a competitive edge. Many companies have found out the investment is well worth it. Below, we’ll go over everything you need to learn.

Learn what sets Software Mind apart - custom software development at our agency

Here at Software Mind, we recognize the importance of bespoke software systems for our clients, and we’re committed to providing the best services on the market. In this section, we’ll go over some of the qualities that truly set our company apart and have enabled us to create evolutive, bespoke software systems for hundreds of clients like Branch Metrics, CoreLogic, Dell, T-Mobile and others.

More than 2 decades of experience

Our company, established in 1999, has been in the software development business for more than 2 decades. We've seen platforms rise and disappear, technologies get popular and die off, trends come and go, and through all of it, we've managed to build an excellent team of more than 500 specialists.

We know what it truly takes to make software development successful, and we've worked with clients from all over the world in different industries to bring their vision to life. We have a proven track record of success with a multitude of success stories you can check out.

Employing cutting edge technology

Despite the age of our company, we're not stuck in the 00s. We know that in the world of technology, you need to constantly change and grow. That's why we use cutting-edge technologies that help us create truly unique software. Find what technologies we can employ here.

We rely on the cloud, machine learning, and big data to create feature-rich bespoke software that's unparalleled in both quality and performance. The large financial and tech companies from Silicon Valley to Poland we’ve worked with have shared their positive reviews – find them here.

Best software development practices

Relying on agile software development that enables great flexibility and constant communication, we have a development team that uses practices that best accommodate and serve our clients.

This flexibility makes cooperation between our company and our clients efficient, satisfying and reliable. We minimize miscommunication and make sure we deliver on time.

A mastery of outsourced projects

If you're looking for a software development outsourcing company, you're in the right place. Though based in Poland, we've worked with clients from all over the world. And with decades of experience, we've created reliable processes that make project handovers, communication and deliverables straightforward. This makes outsourcing with us incredibly smooth and dependable. Learn more about it here.

So, if you're looking to take full advantage of all the features and advantages of bespoke software at affordable prices, you should outsource your project to us.

Areas where bespoke software can help your company grow 

Although bespoke software is extremely flexible and can help your company in almost every field, some business areas demand the use of tailored solutions. In this section, we’ll go over the main domains and scenarios where bespoke software can take your business to the next level and improve both processes and services.

Client-facing software

Regardless of your company’s focus, one of the most in-demand types of custom software is consumer-facing software. This refers to all types of systems that the customer directly interacts with a mobile or desktop app, website, or even the software installed on a tablet in a store. Whatever it is, choosing tailored software is a great way of ensuring a remarkable experience.


One of the most popular types of client-facing bespoke software are systems created by financial services providers, devoted to delivering their clients exceptional experiences and possibilities that not so long ago seemed impossible. As described below, financial services often initiate digital transformations and are the first to employ emerging technologies. So, it’s no surprise that such companies rely on bespoke software to bring their innovative ideas to life and provide their clients with state-of-the-art software.


Another type of client-facing software that should be highlighted are telecommunication systems. Especially now, with 5G and the digital transformations that it encourages, telecoms need to unleash the full potential of modern solutions. With custom software, telcos can be sure that their software will perfectly match their unique requirements, maximize their competitive advantages, allow further scaling, be future-proof and achieve better ROI in the long run.


While focusing on digital innovations and bespoke software, we simply can’t omit healthcare companies that combine the worlds of technology and life science. Modern technological possibilities, combined with the latest scientific discoveries, ameliorate old procedures and find answers to questions and problems that used to lead down blind alleys. Since most modern healthcare solutions rely on software, it’s not surprising that healthcare innovators regard reliability and adaptability as critical and place their trust in bespoke software.


Another type of bespoke customer-facing software worth mentioning are e-commerce platforms. With a bespoke e-commerce platform, you have the opportunity to distinguish yourself from your competitors, make searching your products and services easier, create an extremely safe and smooth payment process and ensure making the most of your competitive advantages. It is a complete game-changer that can increase the revenues of e-commerce companies substantially.

Across all industries

As the areas described above are only examples, let’s take a more general look at what makes businesses all over the world invest in custom systems from a software agency when building customer-facing software: 

  • These platforms are the first thing many of your potential clients will see, and we all know how important first impressions are. By going bespoke, you can create a tailored experience and make sure you make an excellent first impression to drive up sales. 
  • Performance, features and customer experience are critical to the success of customer-facing software and hiring a proven software development company like Software Mind is one of the best ways to ensure each of these elements is taken care. 
  • Cooperation with a reliable software development agency is proven method of achieving cost-efficiency without compromising quality, convenience or security.

Finance and accounting

When computers were introduced to the business world, the financial and accounting sectors were the first to adopt this technology. PCs were extremely well suited for tasks related to almost every area of financial services and improved effectiveness by utilizing technology to ensure great returns on investment.

Nowadays, finance and accounting are driving the adoption of cutting-edge technologies and bespoke software that employs all the latest, future-proof solutions in the business world. From inventory management to balance sheets and automatic quarterly report data collection and creation, bespoke software programs are heavily used in the finance and accounting departments of successful businesses.

Data management

It’s hard to overstate the importance of gathering data and its effective usage in the process of making business decisions – after all, the phrase “data is the new oil” didn’t come out of nowhere. Whether you want to dive deep into the minds of your customers or transform and improve your business from within, there is no better way to make good decisions than to base them on data. 

But to make the most out of it companies need to find effective ways to gather data and store, segment and visualize it to be able to draw the right conclusions. Thanks to advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), you can employ bespoke software to support you with all these steps. Here at Software Mind, we have years of experience handling enormous amounts of data and employing AI and ML for our clients to help them become data-driven companies. 

As the number of possible AI/ML implementations in bespoke data-focused software is nearly infinite, we’ll describe the 2 most popular scenarios, regarding external and internal environments:

  • By designing custom AI algorithms specifically for your company’s business operations, Software Mind can help you truly learn how your clients engage with your online platform, to help you understand their needs and actions. Ultimately, this will allow you to fine-tune your products and services until you get the best response.
  • Software Mind can help you analyze large amounts of data to acquire highly valuable information regarding market trends and opportunities, the efficiency of your operations, potential risks and transform them into actionable insights. This enables you to make smarter decisions that will boost operational effectiveness and lead to prolonged business success.


As businesses increasingly rely on technology and the internet, they open themselves up to more security risks. There’s not a day goes by without a company being featured in the news for a security breach. While some are more serious than others, each security breach poses a grave threat for every business.

Using widely available off-the-shelf software and trusting it with integral data and company information increases the risk of becoming a cybercriminals’ target. Most hackers target these popular programs and try to find security exploits because they know that once they find a loophole, they can use it to extract data from thousands of companies.

That’s why banks and other institutions that prioritize security rely almost entirely on bespoke software to handle their sensitive data. They are far less susceptible to security risks as they are less tempting to cybercriminals. Tailored systems include all the security measures you may require and implement constant updates to ensure the highest security standards, rather than forcing you to accept what system creators thought was enough. However, this is largely dependent on the agency that takes care of the software development – only a competent, experienced software house can create a truly secure bespoke system for your business.

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