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Sports betting and casino industry software development requires a skilled and trusted partner. Code Factory, part of the Software Mind Group, has 10+ years’ experience in online entertainment, working closely with top-tier B2B and B2C companies.

Code Factory’s dedicated software team develops tailor-made sports betting software and casino entertainment solutions that enhance online betting software for rewarding customer experiences that results in competitive advantages.

What do we do?


Develop customized and scalable sports betting software

Leverage architecture solutions based on microservices to drive your growth strategies. Increase your scalability with cloud-native solutions and smooth API integrations with different systems that fit your business needs.


Assist in tailor-made sports betting product development

Take advantage of our end-to-end product development, from evaluating the requirements to delivering, maintaining and supporting a live product with user experience that keeps players engaged.


Provide real-time data to analyze players needs

Examine players’ behavior with the latest statistics, metrics and detailed snapshots into their sports betting activities. Utilize real-time functional and performance monitoring to suit users’ needs and optimize their journeys.


Deliver stable and secure tech solutions

Benefit from a platform that uses test automation and rapid feedback of failures to provide the best possible performance. Ensure player safety with up-to-date secure codes and the best betting application security practices.

Who we’ve helped

The value we deliver

Receive comprehensive sports betting and casino industry knowledge and onboarding before your project starts
Work with industry leaders in Europe, the USA, Asia and Africa
Deploy customized solutions that support large numbers of users concurrently
Integrate sports betting software solutions that are platform compatible
Obtain secure code that is easy to read and maintain
Build legally compliant systems for a specific state or territory

Our Technologies

Apache Kafka
Apache Spark
Google Cloud
QA (Selenium, Postman)

How do you make sports betting software?

Software development tailored for sports betting needs an experienced and battle-proven dedicated team. Working with top engineers ensures you receive genuine end-to-end product development support, from analyzing the requirements to providing, maintaining and supporting live sports betting platforms. However, there must be more than a development strategy and the right technology to launch a high-value product. That is why the onboarding process plays such a crucial part in implementing betting software. Our method of sharing our betting market software knowledge is easy to follow and repeatedly praised by our clients. If necessary, the onboarding process kicks off well before the project starts, making it easier for you and your team to prepare a product for launch. Only top-tier developers can holistically address the necessities of the sports betting and gaming industry, taking care of all the details of the development cycle. 

Fans enjoying their favorite sport and the betting market itself require the best possible solutions only proficient sports betting software providers can offer. Whether it’s high-performance sportsbook technology, online betting software or fixed odds sports betting platform, provided technology needs to be customized, scalable and take risk management into account. Furthermore, taking advantage of microservices-based architecture and enabling the quicker delivery of new functionalities, leads to the creation of robust software. Along with innovative custom-built technologies, security remains a priority for every online betting software developer. A skilled team is ready to face such challenges, setting up secure systems to guarantee players’ safety, protect their data and adhere to privacy policy regulations no matter the operating market.

Understanding your users’ needs should stay at the top of your list, as players might feel overwhelmed by the product interface or its design language. Planning and developing an engaging betting product that delivers a rewarding user experience remains the utmost priority, as custom betting software must furnish products that are easy to use for customers placing bets and for staff tasked with managing the entire backend of the betting system. Kicking off your online betting software by defining the project’s scope will make it possible to estimate a realistic timeline for development. Stakeholders are the most reliable source to outline key product features and act as sort of “beta testers” for prioritizing crucial elements of the online platform that need to be custom designed for a targeted group of users. Every market region is different, and so are its players, who are used to distinct UI and UX components. Catering to their needs is key to designing a suitable betting platform.

The global betting industry is a remarkably competitive and demanding business. To offer your customers top-notch online betting software, you first need to identify the goal, requirements and pain points of your betting platform. Finding a way to increase benefits and reduce implementation costs is the best way to maximize business value. It can be achieved by questioning, eliminating or streamlining software development concepts from early on. A dedicated team, consisting of software developers, business analysts, project managers and product managers develops solutions to help you succeed. A crucial part of the growth in sports betting is the smart usage of data to increase competitive advantages, turning it into actionable insights that future-proof your sports betting software on every level. 

Case Studies


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