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Telcos turn to us because we are a committed, long-term partner that develops tailor-made telecommunications software solutions that are intuitive, high-value and evolutive.

Our expertise covers telecom networks, Operations Support Systems (OSS) and Business Support Systems (BSS), as well as operations.

We develop customized telecommunications network functions for IN, IMS, 3G/4G/5G using open source technology or through integration with leading, world-class telecom solutions from Cisco BroadSoft and Casa Systems.

What do we do?

Whether you need help with agile application telecom development projects, ‘off the shelf’ available technology implementation, legacy telecommunications platforms transformation or daily DevOps telecommunication software challenges, we know how to build modern solutions perfectly suited to your needs.

Telecommunications Software Development

Deliver top-notch telecom software solutions to mobile network operators worldwide.

Identity Management
and Security Audits

Provide safe and convenient access for single sign-on (SSO) through enterprise authentication and authorization to customer profile management.

Digital transformation of telecommunication services

Manage a legacy platform transformation – from monolith to microservices, building tailor-made, cutting-edge custom telecom solutions for our clients.

DevOps – CI/CD

Increase your operations agility and reduce maintenance costs through continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD) methodologies.

Innovative OSS/BSS

Adopt open source or develop customized solutions to excel in the Operations Support Systems / Business Support Systems world of telecommunications innovations. Our solutions replace legacy products with microservice architectures.

Cloud Native Network
functions development

Utilize Cloud Native architecture to migrate from legacy TDM and IN systems to software-based SIP and IMS. Whether tailored telecom enterprise software development or complete platforms, we design, develop, deploy, migrate and support your network applications.

We partner with leading telecoms

Andorra Telecom

Why winning brands choose Software Mind:


Close cooperation with leading telecom companies and communication service providers.


Unrivaled experience operating under the tightest regulations and security requirements.

Diverse open-source alternatives enable the elimination (by up to 80%) of the number of licensed tools and applications you need.

Telecom software development services

Agile design and development

Leverage innovative modern, agile development methods, business processes, operational strategies, DevOps and automated deployments.

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CI/CD process

Ensure increased automation and easily introduce new custom solutions through continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD).

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Test automation that drive your growth

Implement test automation solutions created with best-of-breed tools and proven methodologies to accelerate telecommunications software development, reduce risks and costs and achieve high quality results.

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Cloud infrastructure & service orchestration

Integrate a high-quality cloud-computing capacity platform for your telecom services that meets performance requirements and supports zero-touch automation of end-to-end services orchestration.

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Change management

Adapt to changing telecommunications needs by upgrading telco software connected to product/service consistency and operational effectiveness (i.e., moving from centralized to distributed teams).

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Network Inventory Management

Implement a NT inventory platform that achieves a model network state through all logical layers, from clients and services to physical telecom devices and port RX/TX connections.

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Monitor all aspects of a telecom network based on signaling in all telecommunication stacks.

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Network Functions

Turn to a partner with expertise operating, maintaining and developing telecommunication solutions across sectors and who is fluent in telecommunications signaling with broad, hands-on experience with NGN, IMS and 2G/3G/VoLTE/VoWiFi networks.

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Choose from a wide range of telecom software development and DevOps projects

Our telecom software development teams, well-versed in telecommunications protocols and techniques, have broad experience developing customized telecom software solutions for IN, IMS, and 3G/4G/5G, networks. 

For over 15 years we have been developing dedicated VAS, IN, and IMS systems for telecom industry leaders and communications service providers across Europe. 

We use Java-based frameworks, as well as many open-source platforms, to deliver reliable, efficient and scalable telecommunications networks functions tailored to our clients’ needs.

Our expertise covers developing and deploying network functions in virtualized infrastructure (NFVI) based on OpenStack, as well as those from public cloud providers. By employing DevOps and cloud-native principles, we deliver containerized, CNF software ready for orchestration in telecom operators 5G edge computing infrastructures.

How can we help?   

We support telecom companies and telecom operators with the following DevOps and telecom software development services:  

  • Java, SIP Servlets, and JAIN SLEE development  
  • Telco digital transformations and migration from legacy to cloud native technologies 
  • Cloud-native application development based on Microservices, Docker and Kubernetes  
  • Southbound provisioning development  
  • CI/CD pipelines and automation, HEAT, Ansible 

Our highly skilled system engineering team members have extensive, hands-on experience with various telecommunication platforms. However,  BroadWorks integrations are where our teams stand out.   

Software Mind is a leading Cisco BroadSoft partner, providing BroadWorks services to over 10 top telecommunication service providers across Europe.  

With a DevOps mindset, proficiency in telecommunication software signaling and vast systems engineering experience, we smoothly and effectively assist organizations with their BroadWorks projects.   

How can we help?   

We offer a full scope of BroadWorks services including:  

  • Solution analysis and design of network integration  
  • Provisioning process design  
  • Release upgrade projects, including change analysis and testing  
  • Migration projects, including the development of migration tools  
  • Device Management deployment  
  • Unified Communications deployment  
  • Deployment automation  

We can also provide customized telecom enterprise software development and extensions for BroadWorks:   

  • Custom GUI portal  
  • Voicemail backend  
  • Call Recorder  
  • Fax Server  
  • Provisioning applications  
  • Customer-specific XSI applications  

Our System Engineers have unparalleled system maintenance support experience. This background, combined with a comprehensive understanding of telecommunications networks protocols, enables us to provide the unique blend of skills required to keep your network systems and telecom apps running smoothly, with maximum uptime.  

We have telecommunication software skills with, and in-depth knowledge of Linux, Linux-based systems, middleware, networking, Java and JSLEE, SIP, and IMS as well as legacy SS7 signaling.    

We can provide 24/7 L2 and L3 on-call service level commitment support. 

Our approach is centered around DevOps principles. We believe that the required agility needed for service assurance can be fulfilled with the underlying NFV and NFC infrastructures coupled with custom solutions, continuous integration and delivery pipelines.  

 How can we help? We provide support services for:  

  • Open platforms based on Java and JSLEE 
  • BroadWorks platforms  
  • Hardware and virtualized infrastructure  
  • Cloud infrastructure based on Microservices, Dockers and Kubernetes  

Our expertise includes, but is not limited to:  

  • Cisco BroadWorks   
  • Dialogic Powermedia XMS  
  • Oracle Session Director  
  • OpenSIPS, Kamailio, FreeSwitch 
  • Linux systems  
  • KVM, VMWare, Proxmox, Openstack  
  • Microservices, Docker, Kubernetes  
  • Ansible, Chef, Terraform  
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle  
  • Java, Jain SLEE, Telscale, Metaswitch Rhino TAS, Jboss/Wildfly, Tomcat 
  • Jenkins, Gitlab, Gherkin, Cucumber, Ruby 
  • Elastic Stack  

Case studies


Modernization and development of an identity management system


Digital transformation of a monolithic system for a leading Polish telecommunications operator


Automating legacy telco platforms to enhance their efficiency


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